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ALBUM REVIEW: ‘I Need A Train’ Delivers For Kentuckian Jordan Foster

I’ll be honest, the best part of running this website, is the discovery of Kentuckians that are not only talented, but just great people. The fact that more often than not many folks become friends. Those relationships are what fuels my passion and keeps this site going.

Today I want to share an artist with you that I’m just getting to know. His name is Jordan Foster. Jordan currently calls Knoxville, Tennessee home, but he’s originally from Somerset. While Jordan may not be a new artist to many readers here at Capture Kentucky, he only popped up on my radar (Quite literally my Release Radar on Spotify) earlier this year. I enjoyed what I heard, but I was still fighting with my health at that time.

So let’s fast forward to Festival Of The Red back in June. I was only able to catch a few sets on that Saturday because of the rain, but Jordan happened to be one of those sets. While the set was shortened by the weather, I was still able to get a good look and listen that day. I left satisfied that Jordan can deliver, and he’s not someone lifted up by “studio magic.” What you hear, is what you get and that will forever bring a smile to my face.

Jordan reached out recently to ask if I’d review his new release, ‘I Need A Train,’ that hit everywhere back on May 6th. I obviously agreed, and hopefully you enjoy Jordan as much as I do by the end of this article.

There are only five songs on this release, so I’m going to showcase three of them for you. I want you to discover these artists as I do, so I feel three is the right number for this one.

The title track is up first, “I Need A Train” sets the tone immediately for what to expect, and it’s the perfect example for this introduction. The songwriting is flawless. There isn’t a single note that can be improved upon. And that fiddle, SHEW, is gonna keep you coming back to this one.

Here is where I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for a warm vocal tone, and as soon as Jordan’s vocals hit my ears, I felt at home. That’s as simple as I can describe it. There’s a familiarity, yet it’s also unique and easily identifiable after you hear it.

I couldn’t quite pin down the why at first, but then on listen 4,873, it finally clicked. You may or may not remember a Country artist by the name of Clay Walker. If you do, you’re going to immediately love Jordan, and if you aren’t familiar, you’re also going to fall in love Jordan. So that’s a win either way!


Let’s slow it down a bit for the next track. “Couldn’t Hurt To Ask” is a country song about a lost love. Musically, it’s in the vein of Travis Tritt’s “Help Me Hold On.” A song that has been a personal favorite since I heard it back in 1990. Holy. Crap. Was that really 32 years ago?

ANYWAYS, Jordan delivers a lyrical insight into who he his. We’ve all made mistakes, and we’ve all wondered how things would be different if certain things happened differently in our lives. It’s that shared experience that made this song so appealing for this article. It’s my second favorite song on this EP, and you’re about to find out my personal favorite. A song that I’d put money on for it being your favorite as well.


That song is “Fontana Dam.” This one is a hit. Plain and simple. You are drawn in by that fiddle, wrapped in that warm tone, and serenaded with a wonderful story of love. The flow, the melody, the hook, the tone, the fiddle. The sum is greater than the parts, and that’s what makes hits. I hope “Fontana Dam” opens every door it knocks on, because this one is a homerun.


I’m giving a quick nod to “I’m Going Crazy,” as it’s the most upbeat track, but you’re going to have to seek that one out for yourselves. As I said, I want you to discover Jordan and form your opinions.

Having said what I’ve said, allow me to wrap this review up with a nice pretty bow. Jordan Foster has delivered a collection of songs that showcase his diversity in his songwriting. Jordan has set the table for whatever direction he chooses in the future. ‘I Need A Train’ is one smooth ride that delivers a fantastic collection of songs that deserves your attention, and anyone else’s that enjoys music.

Slide on over to your favorite spot for music, and add Jordan Foster to your collection. Catch a show when ya can. Buy some merch. Because remember, if we don’t support the artists, we’ll lose the art.