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If You Enjoy Bluegrass Music, You Owe It To Yourself To Check Out This Kentucky Band!

**Photo courtesy of Jennifer Buckler. So be sure and visit her site here for more awesomeness!**

With any art, there has to be a connection on one level or another, otherwise it’s simply a waste of time. With music, emotions are usually the common thread. In country, and especially bluegrass music, story-telling is an absolute must. That element is what first caught my ear with the music of The Wooks.

No that isn’t a typo. The band name is indeed The Wooks and as a Star Wars fan, I’m proud to say that their fanbase are called The Wookies. That fact alone should be enough to take a listen, but for those of you that are stubborn, I’ll give a bit more insight.

The Wooks are central Kentucky bluegrass band that claims Lexington, KY as their home. In true bluegrass music fashion, the band includes an acoustic guitar, banjo, stand-up bass, fiddle, no drums and of course, harmonies for days.

Did I mention harmonies yet? Well, let me tell ya about em. These ole boys have about as solid of a bucket as you’ll find and believe me, they can definitely carry a tune in it. I’d even go as far as to say that they’re infectious. Especially after you take the time to listen to the stories they’re attached to.

My favorites include “County Girl“, “White Lines and Neon Signs”, or if you prefer something more familiar, give a listen to the Bruce Springsteen cover of, “Atlantic City“.

For me though, my favorite track is the instrumental, “Turtle In The Creek“. The first time I listened, I closed my eyes to enjoy and my mind was transported to so many good times that I’ve experienced at the Red River Gorge. Close your eyes as you listen, tell me that can’t feel the breeze, hear the leaves or smell the earth. I bet ya do!

Keep your eyes, and of course ears, open as The Wooks do perform fairly often around Kentucky. We can’t wait to catch them at the absolutely stacked lineup at The Moonshiner’s Ball in& Irvine, KY May 19th-21st. You can check out the full lineuphere.

One word of advice to sum up this band and article, look out for that “Wookie Foot Shuffle“. It’s definitely contagious!!

Keep up with The Wooks here.

Pick up The Wooks album, ‘Little Circles‘ ,today!!

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