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ALBUM REVIEW: ‘I Need A Train’ Delivers For Kentuckian Jordan Foster

I’ll be honest, the best part of running this website, is the discovery of Kentuckians that are not only talented, but just great people. The fact that more often than not many folks become friends. Those relationships are what fuels my passion and keeps this site going.

Today I want to share an artist with you that I’m just getting to know. His name is Jordan Foster. Jordan currently calls Knoxville, Tennessee home, but he’s originally from Somerset. While Jordan may not be a new artist to many readers here at Capture Kentucky, he only popped up on my radar (Quite literally my Release Radar on Spotify) earlier this year. I enjoyed what I heard, but I was still fighting with my health at that time.

So let’s fast forward to Festival Of The Red back in June. I was only able to catch a few sets on that Saturday because of the rain, but Jordan happened to be one of those sets. While the set was shortened by the weather, I was still able to get a good look and listen that day. I left satisfied that Jordan can deliver, and he’s not someone lifted up by “studio magic.” What you hear, is what you get and that will forever bring a smile to my face.


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