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Grayson Jenkins Delivers ‘Cowboy Dream’ With An All-Star Cast

Grayson Jenkins needs no introduction around here, but since we have a pretty decent amount of new folks, I’ll give ya the cliff notes version.

Grayson is yet another Kentuckian that deserves your attention. He’s been honing his skills for several years and he’s grown exponentially better as a vocalist over the last couple of years.

Grayson Jenkins has readied an EP titled ‘Cowboy Dream’ that will be released this Friday, November 15th. You can help Grayson celebrate on Friday night as he has a release party at The Burl. You just never know who may show up for that one.

‘Cowboy Dream’ takes Grayson’s songwriting to a whole new level and is an absolute delightful EP. Most of the recording happened in Whitesburg with the Miles brothers of Wayne Graham. He also assembled some heavyweights to help with the recordings. Grayson reeled in drummer Miles Miller (Sturgill Simpson), guitarist/fiddler Jesse Wells (Tyler Childers) and harmonica player Mike Stevens (Raymond McLain, hundreds of Opry performances).

Grayson released the first single and video for the title track,”Cowboy Dream” back in October. That song is a good indication of what you can expect on the EP. In the video, Grayson’s joined by a cast of familiar faces and one Mr. Nicholas Jamerson steals the show.

Look, if you enjoy the laid back vibe of “Cowboy Dream”, you’re gonna love this release. It’s really that simple.

With a nice tone and his signature bravado, Grayson Jenkins has grown into yet another Kentuckian that is a must-see.