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Top 10 Somersessions Performances You Need To See

Recently we announced that we’ll be partnering up with Somersessions for some premieres. So I wanted to take a moment and put together a list of performances that I have revisited many times and this will allow me to show you why we’re so excited for this collaboration.

I really enjoyed putting this together, it was definitely a fun one!

***An obvious and easy choice for number one is Tyler Childers and the Food stamps performance of “Messed Up Kid.” So I’m giving that one its own little corner of this story. Whenever Tyler decides to record this song, he’ll be a very rich man. This song is a no doubter!

10. We’ll start this list off with one of the first Somersessions that I watched. It’s Josh Nolan’s performance of “East Kentucky Skyline.” This video really captured Josh in his element and that is exactly what drew me in and led me to appreciate Somersessions.

9. Eric Bolander makes the list at number nine. “The Wind” just so happens to be my favorite Bolander tune, having him performing with his trio is just icing on the cake!

8. I really enjoy when an artist reinterpret their own songs, especially when it’s an artist that I truly enjoy. Here Mr. Justin Wells completely reimagines “The Dogs” as a piano and and viola. Justin will be the first to tell you that he can’t write a love song, but if it’s sad or mad, he’s all in.

7. Coby Langham lands at number on this list with “Sober Bible.” A truck driver by trade, Coby has been through a lot and he wears his heart on his sleeve for everyone to see. Add in the haunting fiddle work and mesmerizing harmonies from Linda Jean Stokley of the Local Honeys and you’ve caught lightning in a bottle.

6. If you’ve read any story that I’ve written about Magnolia Boulevard, I am sure you know my affinity for them well. So this Moonshine District song, “Cornbread” was the first time I heard Maggie’s voice. That led to a YouTube rabbit hole to find out more information. While Moonshine District is no more, Magnolia Boulevard and the Mama Said String Band featuring Katie Didit now exist, so we really can’t complain.

5. Josh Mitcham claims the five spot with his performance of “One Perfect Sound.” Josh is usually fronting Jericho Woods, but he had some down time and wrote a solo album. While this is a newer video, it does highlight what I like best about Mr. Mitcham, his vocal tone. I grew up listening to Shenandoah and this video, in it’s stripped down form, is where I made the Marty Raybon connection.

4. Johnny Conqueroo is a band that I hear all the potential in the world. I’ve kept close ties with these guys, they’re currently in college, but when these young men perform together, it’s absolutely electric. See for yourself as they perform “Rock & Roll.”

3. I mentioned Linda Jean Stokley in the number seven spot, here she is joined by her partner in crime, Montana Hobbs. Together they are The Local Honeys. This song, “Cigarette Trees” is about the water crisis in Martin County, here in Kentucky. I strongly suggest that you read up on that spill here, for a brand new perspective on this song.

2. Senora May takes the second spot for us. She has a tone and cadence that is incredibly unique. Weaving tales in and around her folksy picking style, Senora has a lot to say and we suggest you listen!

1. Arlo McKinley is an artist from Cincinnati, but he has certainly made his mark in Kentucky. Arlo brings an honesty and transparency that few would ever even attempt to share with the world. He’s made a few mistakes in his past, we all have, but those experiences also make great stories once you’ve made it to the other side. Here Arlo performs “Bag Of Pills” and I think you’ll see exactly what I mean.

If you want more, here are a few videos that were just outside this list. Grayson Jenkins, Chelsea Nolan, Melody Youngblood, and Restless Leg String Band.

So there ya have it. Hopefully you can see and hear why we’re so excited to work with Somersessions.

They understand what the artists want to convey and they do a brilliant job in doing so.

Subscribe to their YouTube channel here, you can thank us later, and stay tuned for more Somersessions here at Capture Kentucky!