Exclusive Premiere: Hear Sour Cream’s “Come Again” Before Anyone Else!

We are very proud to be hosting the exclusive premiere of Sour Cream’s new single, “Come Again!”

Lexington’s Sour Cream are one of the younger bands gigging, but they have the genes and abilities that have given them a definite upper hand. That’s why we proudly chose them to play our first Cinder & Smoke Festival last year.

The band then went on to win Album Of The Year at the Lexington Music Awards. Not bad for a trio of teenagers, huh?

When I asked Sour Cream what listeners could expect, the band stated, “This tune marks a little bit of a different direction for the group, as we have desired to attempt to write some stuff centered more around the lyrics and melody. We still wanted to provide a fun live song people could dance to when they come to our shows, which is why we have continued to write souped-up rock n’ roll… just this time with a more melodic twist.”

Don’t sweat it though, if you’re a fan of the band, this isn’t a huge departure from their debut. It’s more of an evolution, which happens rapidly with artists as young as these fellas. They know who they are musically, but they’re still discovering the voice of what they want to say. In my opinion, that evolution is coming along just fine!

Sour Cream recorded this song in their basement studio. They’ve also been recording other tunes at Otto Helmuth’s place. Otto is the Dad of Daisy Helmuth, who fronts another teen band in People Planet. So Otto’s is where People Planet and Slaps both do their recordings as well.

So without further ado, enjoy Sour Cream’s “Come Again”:

The single will be digitally available everywhere on June 2nd, 2019.

You can also check out a recent live performance of “Come Again” from Sour Cream’s performance at Al’s Bar.

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