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Ten Black Stone Cherry Songs That Flew Under The Radar

Let’s have some fun!!!

I chose to feature 10 Black Stone Cherry songs that I personally feel have been massively overlooked and very underappreciated. I’m lucky to claim these fellas as friends and since I have a long history with the band, I felt that this article would be the perfect fuel to keep the Capture Kentucky (Lonely) Train rolling. Ha!

This list will consist of some deep album cuts and some bonus tracks. I’ll also toss in my personal favorite Black Stone Cherry song to top it all off for ya. Sit back and let’s take a little musical trip as friends. Shall we?

First, if you’re unfamiliar with the band, let’s take a quick jaunt down memory lane. The band was formed in Edmonton, Kentucky back in 2001. Their sound is definitely flavored by the Blues and Southern Rock, but BSC have taken that baton and ran with it. Carving out their own niche and delivering their music to the masses all over the world.

There have been struggles. There have been triumphs. And there has been a trail of melted faces and good times spread out over roughly 20 years. That’s not an easy achievement, so let’s take a look at 10 Black Stone Cherry songs that I feel, flew under the radar.

10. “Fade Away” was a bonus track on ‘Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea.’ A flipping bonus track. Are you kidding me? Click play and tell me that song doesn’t have hit written all over it, but only if you want to be called a liar. Lol

9. One of the aspects of Black Stone Cherry that I cherish, is their ability to write songs that defy the classifications put on them by radio. There are two of those songs on this list and the first one is “Sometimes.” Which can be found on their album, ‘Magic Mountain.’

The song is a stripped down, raw and emotional journey that reminds us that we’re all human and loss of life is never easy. Vocalist/Guitarist Chris Robertson has not been shy about his battles with depression, and he bares his very soul for all to see/hear. Truly taking something ugly and creating something beautiful.

8. Every release from Black Stone Cherry features a new guitar tone, or a different musical approach, or just a kick in the teeth. On ‘Kentucky,’ the band combines them all to give us “Rescue Me” and it is quite the jam. I don’t recommend listening while you’re driving. Your foot may get heavy and the headbanging will likely make it tough to see. Oh, and your steering wheel isn’t designed to take such a beating. Lol Strap in!!

7. The album ‘Family Tree’ delivers the next tune. It features a very special guest vocal to begin the song. “You Got The Blues,” features Chris Robertson’s son helping out throughout the song and for me, it’s just one of those things that shows the character and love for family the band has. Oh and it doesn’t hurt that the song itself ain’t too daggum shabby!

6. ‘The Human Condition’ is the band’s latest release and it is highly recommended by this Kentuckian. Track nine is “If My Heart Had Wings,” and in my humble opinion, is one of the best songs the band has written to date. It showcases just how prolific the band are as songwriters.

5. I alluded to another song that defies the normal classifications bestowed upon the band. That second song is “All I’m Dreaming Of.” I could write a book about the beauty of this song, but I think it’s just best you just click play.

4. “Big City Lights” was a bonus track on the band’s self-titled album and it is one that I think Roadrunner Records let get away. Every element that makes up the DNA of the band was on display. I just wish the suits at the label realized what they had.

3. As a fellow Kentuckian, you had to know this one was coming. “Ghost Of Floyd Collins” tells the tale of the man that worked hard to capitalize on the largest cave system on our planet.

Most of what Floyd discovered is now considered part of Mammoth Cave, but he went into a partnership with his neighbor to open up a larger entrance to Sand Cave. That’s where Floyd also became the unintended creator of what’s referred to as a “media circus.” Collins was trapped roughly 50-55 feet below the ground and the newspapers and radio stations sent reporters from all across the world to cover what inevitably wound up being Collins death. An ordeal that took 14 days.

That’s heavy, I know, but for me, a true story has rarely been told as well as Black Stone Cherry did with the “Ghost Of Floyd Collins.”

2. Our next stop revisits ‘Kentucky.’ This song has probably reached the most ears on this entire list, but I absolutely love “Soul Machine” and it will always get a spotlight when I’m given the opportunity. For a band baked in the Blues and covered in Southern Rock, it gets no better than “Soul Machine.” Go on and click play, dance for about 20 minutes and we’ll meet back below to wrap this up.

1. You make it? Pretty freaking awesome huh? Glad ya enjoyed it! So, most lists are difficult to put together. You’re often torn on trying to rank things and give them their due justice. That’s not the case here. “Such A Shame,” from their album ‘Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea’ is an absolute gem that was never given the chance to truly impact the world. It’s another grim story, but it’s a snapshot of the world we live in. It’s heavy. It’s dark. It’s fantastic. Oh, and it also features none other than Lzzy Hale from Halestorm on the backing vocals. What’s not to love?

I promised you that I’d share my personal favorite Black Stone Cherry song, so let me spill the beans for ya. For several years, every alarm, every phone call, and every notification that mattered, I heard those opening guitar lines of “Tired Of The Rain.” The 11th song on their debut self-titled album has and always will hold a very special place in my heart. I hope you enjoy it as well!!