Joslyn And The Sweet Compression Debut Music Video For “Honey, Be”

Here at Capture Kentucky, we pride ourselves on finding talented individuals and providing a bit of a spotlight for them. We believe in discussing what you love, rather than bashing what you don’t. So if a band or artist is on our site, it’s not by accident.

One of our favorite finds is a young lady named Joslyn Hampton. Joslyn and her band The Sweet Compression were included on our 23 artists you should know list, which you can read here, so hopefully, her sound is familiar to a few of you. If not, please allow me the great pleasure to introduce you Joslyn and the Sweet Compression.

Joslyn and her band are based in Lexington, KY. She grew up in Church and her voice will tell you that right away. Joslyn’s voice is powerful, yet always under control. It’s not intimidating, it’s heartfelt and her lyrics are delivered with conviction.

The band happens to feature Joslyn’s Stepfather, Marty Charters. Marty has had past success as a guitar player. He toured with legendary Bluesman Junior Wells for years. You could safely say that Marty knows his way around a guitar neck. The style of music that the band has created, is where Marty feels most at home. He has commented that he always wanted to make a funk record and it turns out, his Stepdaughter has afforded him the opportunity.

I do want to take a moment to discuss why I believe so strongly in this band. There are certain aspects of entertaining that just aren’t teachable. It is just a natural ability and it is a rarity to find someone that possesses that trait and still be undiscovered. Joslyn Hampton has that trait. Her spirit, the light in her eyes, the confidence, the talent, the playfulness…it all adds up to a young lady that was born to entertain.

If you live in Kentucky, treat yourself to a night out and catch Joslyn And The Sweet Compression live. You’ll be thankful you did. For now though, enjoy the debut of their newest single and video, “Honey, Be.”

For more information, please visit Joslyn & The Sweet Compression’s official site here.

Joslyn & The Sweet Compression:
Joslyn Hampton (Vocals)
Marty Charters (Guitars)
Steve Holloman (Keys/Backing Vocals)
Smith Donaldson (Bass)
Rashawn Fleming (Drums)
Joe Carucci (Saxophone)
Jeffrey Doll (Trumpet)