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Tyler Booth Unleashes “Half A Mind To Go Crazy”

If you’re new here, welcome. If you’ve followed Capture Kentucky for long at all, you’ve seen the name Tyler Booth. A Wolfe County native with a golden baritone voice that now calls Nashville home.

We’ve likely covered Tyler Booth more than any other media outlet. The Booth family are friends, but we consider each other family since we’ve known each other so long.

We’ve been growing alongside Tyler Booth from the early days of his music journey and having said that, I am EXTREMELY excited to share Tyler’s brand new song, “Half A Mind To Go Crazy.”

I’ve listened and loved many of the songs that Tyler has released, even a few unreleased, but if I’m 100% honest here, this song is by far and away the best representation of who Tyler Booth really is as an artist. It’s fun, it’s honest and it showcases the range that Tyler has grown into musically, and I am so incredibly proud of Tyler Booth.

Booth’s popularity has been snowballing since he released “Long Comes A Girl” and “Where The Livin Is” back on November 1st. He’s been on the road with everyone from Dwight Yoakam to Whiskey Myers and he has an upcoming show with the Legend that is Willie Nelson.

It sounds silly to say this, especially considering how many times that I’ve written about Tyler, but dangit, this young man has grown exponentially with each release. I’ve long said that the sky is the limit for Tyler Booth and he raises the bar once again.

Speaking of the bar, I’ll leave ya with a quick Dad pun, one may say that Tyler Booth is “Ready To Raise It.”

Enjoy, y’all! Love ya!