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‘No Pressure’, But You’re Gonna Wanna See This New Video From C2 & The Brothers Reed!

Our second premiere in one day? That’s right! This one is from Lexington’s C2 & The Brothers Reed. These young men have toured relentlessly and there are some amazing things on their horizon that we can’t wait to share with you. For now though, let me get you up to speed on who these guys are and why you need to know them.

Central Kentucky is currently a hotbed for talent and there is no shortage of greatness out there trying to make a name for themselves. The Americana and Country scene is thriving, while the rock scene is definitely rebounding with bands like Johnny Conqueroo, Trippin’ Roots, Sean Whiting, Mojothunder, Sour Cream and People Planet taking up the mantle. C2 & The Brothers Reed have been honing their craft for some time now and they’re poised to make an impact in a big way.

I personally found the band through Instagram, but later found out that vocalist/bassist Cameron Clark knew my wife through her work. After a brief conversation online, I dug a bit deeper and found a song that really spoke to me. The song is called “Be Alright” and if you enjoy harmonies in the vein of The Beatles, then you too will fall in love with this song.

As with most any artist that we cover, I always wonder if a band can pull off the studio magic in a live setting. For me the live performance is what matters most and thankfully for us, C2 & The Brothers Reed released a live video in October of 2018. The video is for the song, “Karma”, and it was filmed at the Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion in 2018. Which you can enjoy below.

We’ve kept in touch with the band and they reached out to me about helping them get some attention for their new video. Which is exactly why Capture Kentucky exists. So without further ado, let’s enjoy this well-shot video for their new single, ‘No Pressure!”

“Hailing from the Bluegrass with a sound as unique and smooth as the regions’ beloved bourbon, C2 & The Brothers Reed’s authenticity shines in their studio debut Weigh Station Tour.”

After the independent release of their first EP “Hot Mess”, along with an extensive tour schedule (250+ shows in 2015-16) traveling mainly in the southern part of the country, they took to the studio less than a year later to cut their new record Weigh Station Tour. Split into sides, ‘Exit A’ ‘Exit B’, Weigh Station Tour explores gritty rock and roll while referencing 60’s and 70’s era soul music, embracing a style that is nearly lost but deeply needed in the surge of modern sound and technology.

The band – singer/bassist Cameron Clark, guitarist Kelly Reed, drummer Kody Reed, and keyboardist James Weishar – hide behind nothing on their records, with a ‘realness’ that has been constantly attributed to their live performance.