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Joslyn & The Sweet Compression Brought The Party To The People!

This article won’t be in-depth. There’s a really simple reason for that and once you see the photos, you’ll get it. After all, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words right?

The Burl had to be at or near capacity. It was PACKED and I could not have been more proud. I struggled to get photos. I struggled to see. I struggled all night and I couldn’t have been happier. Seeing your friends have success is one of the best feelings on this earth.

The two bands on the bill were Magnolia Boulevard and Joslyn & The Sweet Compression. Joslyn played Magnolia Boulevard’s release party earlier this year, so it was only right that they return the favor. Our music community family showed up early and were there to celebrate the night away. No fights. No one passed out. No one unhappy. The room was all love. From folks like Justin Wells and Duane Lundy to Roger Combs and Matt Wickstrom, everyone’s heart was filled with love.

Magnolia Boulevard:

Y’all know that Magnolia Boulevard holds a very special place in my heart, but this night was all about the “Queen Of Kentucky”! Ms. Joslyn Hampton and her band, The Sweet Compression, were celebrating the release of their debut album. I have been championing this band to anyone and everyone, thankfully, folks see what I do and I’m not sure another soul could have made it into The Burl. That turned me into the “Cheshire Cat”, you couldn’t knock the smile off my face.

Joslyn took to the stage as only she can. Confident, radiant and ready to shake some asses. The crowd was lit, both literally and figuratively. They were there because of the music and those who came, came early and stayed late. They were treated to a night that I don’t think many will ever forget. Two powerhouse female vocals rocked the 300 or more in attendance and it was absolutely fantastic! I am truly trying to find something negative to say, and there just isn’t anything. It was, quite simply, perfect.

So, was the music amazing? Damn right. Was the love warranted? Damn right. Did you likely miss the party of the year at the Burl? Damn right!!

I can’t say this enough, get to a show. You will absolutely thank me later. The music in our state won’t be contained much longer. Both of these bands have a bright future, so come be a part of their history. Enjoy the photos!

Joslyn & The Sweet Compression: