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Irvine’s Donnie Isaacs Releases ‘Duffle Bags’ With A Little Help From His Friend

One of the absolute greatest things that comes from a thing like Capture Kentucky is the relationships. We may not see each other for months, but we know who each other are and when we see each other, it’s like no time has passed and the conversation seems to pick up where it last left off.

One such relationship began with a gentleman that simply enjoyed what we do here. We got to hang out several times at last year’s Kickin It On The Creek and then several online conversations came after.

In those conversations, I was given the opportunity to read some lyrics and hear some song ideas that had been bounced around. I was COMPLETELY floored by what I was reading and hearing. Me being me, I wrote back way too much in response and likely scared the crap out of him with my gushings of praise and encouragement, but I knew on many levels that the world needed to to hear what I was hearing.

That young man, is L.G. Richardson.

L.G. is married to the lovely and talented Jen Richardson. Jen has a fantastic voice, but doesn’t play an instrument. So L.G. being L.G., he started learning the guitar and began writing some songs with his friend, Donnie Isaacs, with the intentions of Jen forming a band to perform the songs. That journey is still in progress, but something happened along the way, L.G. and Donnie wrote a song that could mean a lot to most any veteran of our Military.

Donnie and L.G. are both Army veterans and their writing sessions became very therapeutic for both. Sharing experiences and allowing these gentlemen to help fight the demons that so many of our veterans battle after war. The song is called “Duffle Bags” and it’s a combined story of both their experiences. It’s absolutely riveting and as I said before, the world needed to hear this.

*Photo courtesy of Ricci Azure (You can check out her work here.)

As both gentlemen are veterans, ultimately an organization called CAMMO (Center for American Military Music Opportunities) stepped in to help Donnie get this song, and four others that make up his debut EP, aptly titled “Duffle Bags”,out into the world.

Before we get into the song itself, I want to thank Donnie and L.G. for their service. I also want to thank CAMMO for their work with so many of our veterans. And I’d encourage you to consider donating to help CAMMO continue their mission. Lastly, thank you to all of our veterans. Their service allows us the freedoms to do what we do. Freedom is not free.

So without further ado, enjoy the behind the scenes video of “Duffle Bags” which includes a performance at the end. If you enjoy what you hear, head on over to iTunes or Spotify, wherever you consume music and pick up your copy!

Donnie Isaacs – “Duffle Bags”: