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Last In Line with Sinful Lilly and Dula atThe Forum in Hazard, KY

Richmond, Kentucky’s Sinful Lilly started this night of rock and roll off with a high energy and entertaining set. Fredi Handshoe (guitar and vocals), Nikki Handshoe (bass and vocals) and Trey Bledsoe (drums), know how to fire up a crowd. Loud music, cool lights and great stage presence equal a great show! One of my personal favorites to photograph, they play to the camera as well as the play for the crowd! The set list included “Wait Your Turn” “Jack” a killer cover of Ace Frehley’s “Snowblind” closing out their set with “Truth or Consequence”

A talented group from Johnson City, Tennessee DULA took the stage next. Generally, a four piece but on this night singer Taylor Moorefield had a previous engagement, so not only playing lead guitar Daelin Dula handled the vocals as well. He did a great job belting out tracks like “Twisted Bliss” “Destiny” a couple a real sweet Dokken covers “Stop Fighting Love” and “The Hunter” finishing off the set with “So Far Away”

Last In Line, well what can be said about this group of hugely talented and successful musicians? Together they kick some serious ass! Last In line are Vivian Campbell (Guitar) Vinny Appice (Drums) Andrew Freeman (Vocals) Phil Soussan (Bass) and Erik Norlander (Keyboards). Together you have former or current members of Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Dio, Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell, The Offspring, Lynch Mob and Ozzy to say this is a talented group of musicians is an understatement! From the moment they walked out on the stage until the last note sounded and they took a bow those of us in attendance knew we were in the presence of rock royalty. The set started with “Stand Up and Shout” “Straight through the Heart” and “Devil in Me”. Dio songs were featured throughout the set, two of the first three songs in fact but “Holy Diver” “The Last In Line” and “Rainbow In The Dark” being the best known of those Dio songs were performed to perfection! They closed the set with “Starmaker” “Egypt (The Chains are Off” and “We Rock”. Before the performance of “We Rock” vocalist Andrew Freeman asked the crowd a question that the late Ronnie James Dio use to ask before performing the song, “Do you rock?!” The crowd answered with devil horns in the air “We Rock!!”

That brought to an end a weekend full of rock and roll at The Forum in Hazard. Greg Napier put together a weekend that many will not forget. Support live music in the mountains, Kentucky and wherever you are!!

Last In Line set list:
Stand up and Shout
Straight Through The Heart
Devil In Me
Evil Eyes
Holy Diver
Already Dead
Don’t Talk to Strangers
The Last in Line
Rainbow In The Dark
Egypt ( The Chains Are Off)
We Rock