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Metal Icons Slayer Brought Their Farewell Tour To Riverbend In Cincinnati With Anthrax, Lamb Of God, Testament And Behemoth

Few metal bands can lay claim to level of notoriety that Slayer has garnered over their careers. Slayer is the mold, the pattern, the standard for dark and brooding metal. From the spikes often worn by Kerry King, the “blood” falling down on the crowd during “Reign In Blood”, and the bass playing intimidating front man in Tom Araya, there are lots of things to see and hear at a Slayer. We were honored to be able capture this iconic tour. We hope you enjoy the galleries!

Slayer By Mike Howard:

Anthrax By Mike Howard:

Lamb Of God By Mike Howard:

Testament By Mike Howard:

Testament By Estill Robinson:

Behemoth Mike Howard:

Behemoth By Estill Robinson: