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Warrant with The Saints of Heartbreak and Ruthless Vendetta at The Forum in Hazard, Kentucky

Wow! What a night of rock and roll!

Corbin Kentucky’s own Ruthless Vendetta kicked the night off. Boy did they ever! They tore through songs like “Honey Drippin” “Bad Trip” “M.A.P.” “Lost Dreams” “Beautiful Reverie” and finished up with “Perpetuity” Ruthless Vendetta was the perfect fit to get this night started. They are made up of James Stephens on vocals, Doug Gregory and Allen Warfield on guitar, Robby Hash on bass and Jon Taylor on drums.

The Saints of Heartbreak, in my opinion, one of the coolest band names around! This trio backs up that cool name with some badass music! Also hailing from Corbin Kentucky, their blend of rock and alternative is something you need to hear! With their debut album set for release in August, you’ll have that opportunity! Some of the tracks they performed were: “Sexy Grip” “Oh No” “Internet 3 Way” “Taxman” “Macedonian Beat” finishing up the set with “Spotless Wonder”. The Saints of Heartbreak are; Zack Smith guitar and vocals, Nathan Sizemore bass and vocals and Joshua Howard on drums.

Warrant! I should just stop there, the band name is enough! But I won’t. These guys have been entertaining crowds for a long time. On this night it was Hazard Kentucky’s turn to be entertained and entertained Hazard was! From the first notes of “Down Boys” to the ending notes of “Cherry Pie” Joey Allen, Jerry Dixon, Robert Mason, Steven Sweet and Erik Turner lead the crowd at The Forum on a trip thru Warrant’s history, past and present! Classic tracks like ”Big Talk” “DRFSR” and “Heaven” were mixed in with new tracks like “Louder Harder Faster” “New Rebellion” and “I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink” my personal favorite of the night was and is one of my all-time favorite Warrant songs “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. Still touring and making quality new music Warrant is a must see in my opinion!

As usual Greg Napier and his staff brought together a super night of music, from the Down Boys to two super talented bands from Corbin, KY this was a great night to be in Hazard!