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Trans-Siberian Orchestra Rocked Rupp Arena

Trans-Siberian Orchestra once again put on a spectacular performance and brought the heat to Rupp Arena, in Lexington, KY. After a couple of years missed due to the pandemic, TSO returned with their, “The Ghosts of Christmas Eve: The Best of Trans-Siberian Orchestra” show.

If TSO is new to you, here’s a quick look at what the show has to offer at every single show:

The creation of Paul O’Neill (1957-2017), TSO incorporates music, video, lighting, special effects, and even bubbles, to transport audience members into the “story” being told. Bryan Hicks is the narrator as amazing vocalists and musicians transport you into the story of a young child, far from home, on Christmas. The musicians take the showmanship beyond their extreme musical skills as they are lifted high above the audience and rotate around as they perform. The pyrotechnics are extreme, leaving the sensation of heat across the arena as fireballs fly through the air in perfect synchronization with each musical number.

Lexington audience members were treated to a “lost” piece that was played for the first time in this concert set. Although they will not be performing again this year in Kentucky, they have shows scheduled in many neighboring states. TSO provides an exciting, inspiring, musical event that can be enjoyed by all ages. The music pulls from many genres turning traditional Christmas classics into modern rock, soul, or melodious instrumental compositions. You will never listen to the Nutcracker in the same light. Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a phenomenal Seasonal Sensation that is not to be missed!