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After ‘Years On The Road’, Coby Langham Deserves Your Attention

Some of the greatest songs written were written by troubled, sometimes tortured souls. It seems that madness and genius share the same real estate in their complicated minds. Having said that, I want to introduce you to an artist that I’m proud to call my friend. Meet Danville, Kentucky’s Coby Langham. Coby is a truck driver by trade and has definitely “seen some sh*t” in his lifetime. Both on and off the road. Arriving on the other side of his darkest days, Coby Langham has plenty to say.

Mr. Langham released his debut EP earlier today, aptly titled “Years On The Road.” The collection of songs presented are consumed like chapters of his life. His storytelling is spot on and his naked soul is on full display.

We find ourselves following his journey and see a man learn, grow, mature and redeem himself. The effects of being gone so much run prevelantly through these songs. The pressures in both his career and his home are laid out before us.

The lyrics, “A mountain of pills have swallowed these hills”, in “All American” helps paint the picture as it shows us the dark side of the opioid crisis. We’re witness to an ex-love taunting him with her new love at the “Skate ‘n’ Bowl”. We feel the pain and emptiness of the loss of a loved one to drugs in “5×7.” Then Coby emerges from the darkness after finding a new love creating a better life in, “As The Crow Flies.”

If you feel as I do, that music is therapeutic, then you’re going to enjoy healing right alongside Coby as his stories unfold. I suggest adding a little bourbon beside your box of Kleenex. You’re gonna need it.