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EXCLUSIVE: Colter Wall Destroys The Burl With A Little Help From Coby Langham

Colter Wall, a unique name, tied to an even more unique voice. Him and his good friend, Tyler Childers, are on a mission to save Country Music. Some say these two are the equivalent to a modern day Waylon and Willie, and you’ll get no argument from me.

The two sold-out Colter shows at The Burl (Capacity of 300) are a great indication of just quickly Colter’s star is rising. There is zero doubt that next time he’s in town, it will be in a much bigger venue, and deservedly so.

Before the show though, I stopped by to see a friend who runs a food truck. Justin Taylor owns and operates Roll ‘n’ Smoke food truck. Ain’t no roach coach here. Justin serves up a mighty fine meal that is both affordable and tasty. They’re famous for their egg rolls and pulled pork sandwich. I chose the pulled chicken and was pleasantly surprised at just how juicy and delicious it was. So if you go to a show in Lexington or you see the Roll ‘n’ Smoke truck, slide in for a bite and tell ’em that Capture Kentucky sent ya!

I made one more quick stop before the show. The Burl recently opened an arcade bar. I was a bit confused, I’m like, is the idea really as simple as my mind envisions? The answer was yes and no. It was an arcade with a bar, but it also had a great ambiance with some nice couches to hang out and sliding garage doors to create an open air atmosphere once Summer comes beating down on us. It’s a cool place to hang out before heading into a show. Color me impressed.

Now, we have to talk a bit about Kentucky’s own, Coby Langham. You know as well as I do that I’m all about Kentucky. Coby was brought onstage by W.B. Walker. Ole W.B. has a radio show for folks who love real country music He’s carved out his own niche and following in the internet age. So having Ole W.B. introduce Coby and tell the crowd how he has all the confidence in the world Coby very well may be the next Tyler Childers or Colter Wall was an eye opener for many in attendance.

Coby Langham writes songs about his experiences. Stories from his past and scenarios he’s faced on the road as a truck driver. His profession has given him insight into America that few can ever draw from. He is blue-collar. He is America.

His tales of “Heroin Girls” and a “Sober Bible” highlight the drug epidemic in our region, as well as our nation faces. There is one song though that will rip your heart and if it doesn’t, you probably don’t have one. The song is called “5×7” and in it, Coby relives painful memories from his own loss. Unfortunately, he lost his wife to drugs and the song gets me every single time. I admire his courage, honesty and openness. I’m proud to call him a friend and from the reactions from the crowd, they were just as impressed.

Next up was the man of the hour, Mr. Colter Wall. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada, I was told that Colter now calls Kentucky home. His first album was titled ‘Imaginary Appalachia’, so why not come on down enjoy the real thing.

After an introduction from Ole W.B., Colter took to the stage all by himself. He played several acoustic songs and had the crowd eating out of his hand as soon as he hit the first note. You can hear the pain and sorrow in is haunting deep baritone as he weaves tales of loss, love and murder.

The band joined for the always amazing, “13 Silver Dollars” and from then on out, Lexington was drunk, rowdy, ready and willing to sing back every note to Colter. It’s a rarity and an absolute honor to witness something so special in such an intimate venue. Days like these are exactly why I do what I do.

Lexington was held captive by Colter’s tales, but seemingly lost their collective minds when he sang “Kate McCannon”. I think I was just as giddy as these folks when Colter covered one of my personal favorite songs on the planet. I’m a huge Billy Joe Shaver fan, and my favorite song by him was also my Dad’s. Colter delivered a version of “Georgia On A Fast Train” that I know would have made my Dad smile like the Cheshire Cat. Truth is, listening to the song, I was likely doing the same thinking about Dad. Music has a way of doing that to ya.

The night rolled on and the band chugged through many favorites, but none more anticipated than the closer, “Sleeping On The Blacktop”. I seriously felt like we were inside a pressure cooker and the “lid” or roof was about to blow off the Burl. Holy crap! What an incredible night.

If Colter Wall and the band roll into your town, make the trip. You can thank us later!