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Why Is Sundy Best’s Reunion So Important? Let’s Allow A Monday At Austin City Saloon Show You Why.

When a band or artist makes a meteoric rise, it can make or break a band. Which is oftentimes compared to a marriage. If things go sour, say on a tour, you can’t just stomp off and clear your head. You’re in it for the long haul. The show must indeed go on.

In that regard, Sundy Best is doing something that’s kinda unprecedented. After becoming one of the hottest acts in all of country music, Nicholas Jamerson and Kris Bentley decided they needed a break. So an indefinite hiatus was announced and that was the perceived end of Sundy Best. Thankfully though, after roughly four years, the stars have realigned for us all and the fellas are back delivering the goods like only they can.

After an unfortunate accident that nearly claimed the life of Kris Bentley’s Dad, the two lifelong friends became close once again and decided that they’re both in a better place and their friendship rekindled their love of creating music together. In a nutshell, that’s how we got here.

Now let’s talk a little bit about why their return is so important on multiple levels. First and foremost, the music scene in Kentucky is as strong as it has ever been. It may even be stronger after the pandemic. I personally feared that folks found something else to do after more than a year away, but thank the good Lord above that this wasn’t the case. 

Think about the talent that has outgrown our region in the last few years for a second. Tyler Childers, Dillon Carmichael, Tyler Booth, Magnolia Boulevard, The Local Honeys, Kelsey Waldon, Cincinnati’s Arlo McKinley and many more have secured management and/or record deals. That means a few less Kentucky shows with those large built-in crowds, so Sundy Best steps right in and fills some of that void. While it allows other artists to grow organically and become headliners themselves. That’s how such a strong scene continues to grow. This is the time for the youngun’s to shine and become leaders themselves, and having Sundy Best back to illuminate the path is a true blessing.

Now let’s discuss their impact on a different side of things, influence. The current scene that is so incredibly loaded with talent drew inspiration from the music and journey of Sundy Best. A quick headcount inside Austin City Saloon on Monday gave me all the points I needed to make. Several of the heavy-hitting locals were in attendance. I ran into Chris Linton (who opened the show and absolutely killed it btw), Sydney Adams, Brad Hardin, Tyler Halsey and Cole Chaney within two minutes upon entering Austin City. The place was PACKED on a Monday night. Especially for a show with a very short notice, as the band announced the pop-up show at Noon on Sunday. That’s nuts, but that’s also beautiful.

Mr. Chris Linton

The music of Sundy Best is a part of the foundation of all those folks that I just mentioned, and ya know what, it will continue to inspire as the fellas have already recorded new music. No word yet on a release date yet though. All of that is exciting and I am chomping at the bit to keep this Capture Kentucky train going as we follow as many of the great artists that call Kentucky home. The future was awfully damn bright to begin with.

There is one more aspect that I want to touch upon, and that is Sundy Best’s willingness to give opportunities to those climbing the same ladders. These guys know how important a rising tide is to lift all those ships around them. They get it. They’ve lived it. Now they get to enjoy the ride together again and they’ll be taking as many as they can along for the ride. 

With Capture Kentucky, I’ve done my best to be a bridge between a somewhat splintered music scene. That’s been a nearly insurmountable obstacle, but I feel we have made some progress. Sundy Best is the act that can be that bridge builder. The scene has many fans that are more of The Burl crowd, while there is just as many that are more of the Austin City crowd. With Nick, and Kris’s solo works, they’ve played to The Burl crowds many, many times. With Sundy Best, Austin City is more of a home base. The folks at Austin City have been incredibly kind to us here at Capture Kentucky, and Monday’s crowd was a wonderful sight to see there for me. I hope 

Obviously, there are some fans that will cross over, but Sundy Best can speed up that process, which is all I ever wanted when I created the site you’re currently reading. As I said, Sundy Best is that bridge and as a fan of Kentucky music, that should excite every single fan out there. Let’s all come together as Kentuckians and enjoy like-minded music-loving folks and let Kentucky music take over the airwaves and marquee signs. 

Check out some audio from Monday night, and I’ll betcha it solidifies every word I’ve written so far for ya. 


Pretty dang awesome wasn’t it? A chorus of fans is one of the best sounds on Earth!

As for Monday night, I saw a love fest. I saw heroes. I saw those inspired. I saw new fans. I saw every single reason Sundy Best’s return is so incredibly important to the music that our great Commonwealth continues to churn out. It was beautiful. Plain and simple. This was my third time seeing the reunited Sundy Best, and ya know what? It’s gotten better every single time.

Honestly though, Sundy Best could’ve played a set where they just sang the phone book and those in attendance would have loved it. Thankfully, they didn’t do that, and delivered hit after hit. Tossing in cover songs. Bringing up special guests. They even took a few requests, as they allowed the crowd to take over lead vocals in some choruses. It was the best Monday night anyone could EVER ask for.

Hell, Chris Linton was dancing and singing along on top of a table. I spoke briefly with Cole Chaney, and our conversation was ultimately cut short, why? Because Sundy Best busted out a favorite. Which I believe was “Indian Summer.” That was awesome to see Cole’s eyes light up and in all honesty, that’s when I knew what this article would become. The importance of their return outweighed anything I could say in another concert review.

Sometimes show reviews aren’t sufficient, and Monday was one of those shows. I did manage to snag a few shots for everyone though.

Sundy Best is back and that’s a damn good thang, y’all!