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Black Stone Cherry Electrifies On Their “Carry Me On Down The Road” Tour At Cincinnati’s Bogarts!

It had been 25 years since I’ve been to a show at Bogart’s. The Venue hasn’t changed much but the area around sure has! Changed for the better, best I could tell. I did learn one thing though, soccer fans are hard core! The Cincinnati FC was having a match near Bogart’s, the fans were gathering together for what I was about to find out was a march to the stadium in the pouring rain, most were soaking wet, banging drums while chanting/singing. Hardcore I tell ya!

Bowling Green Kentucky’s own The Josephines took the Bogart’s stage first. They describe themselves as “a rag tag group of rock n roll drenched country hoodlums” and having seen them live I’d say that’s an accurate description! When I walked into the venue they were on stage running through sound check in their pajamas no less! I knew right then this was going to be a cool ass band and I was right! They had been stuck in traffic and were late getting to the venue, but that didn’t hamper their performance at all. In fact, that may have motivated them because the ripped through their set, kicking it off with “Coal Mine Gone” into “Never Ends”, then finishing with the set “Cocaine” and “Fireball”. I really hope to catch another show from The Josephines sooner than later!

The Josephines had the crowd buzzing with excitement, Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown took that excitement to another level! Guitars, Guitars and more guitars did I mention guitars? With Tyler Bryant and Graham Whitford (if you’re a rock and roll fan you should recognize that last name) on guitar and Noah Denney on bass if you couldn’t find some guitar playing to suit you, you were in the wrong place! Oh and there was a wild Kentucky guy on drums, Caleb Crosby. If you’ve had the chance to see a TBSD show you know what I’m talking about, Caleb doesn’t stay behind the drum kit occasionally he’s on top of them and takes them to the front row (every time I see him bring a drum down to the front row I’m reminded of that Todd Rundgren song” Bang the Drum All Day”. Don’t ask me, I don’t know why, it just pops in my head). This was the third time I’ve got to cover Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown and each time has been better than the last.

Kicking the set off with “Drive Me Mad” and the brand new single that dropped the night before this show “On to the Next” Tyler and the guys were off to a rockin start! The Bogarts’ crowd was ready for whatever the band gave them and the band gave them high octane guitar-driven blues rock and roll, with songs like “Weak and Weepin’” and “Mojo Workin’” closing the night out with “Lipstick Wonder Woman”. Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown are the real deal; don’t miss a chance to see these guys.

As good as The Josephines and Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown were and are, Black Stone Cherry was about to show everyone in the building how it’s done! Straight into “Devil’s Queen” and then “Soulcreek” that had most everyone in the building singing! The BSC guys know how to get a crowd going. Chris, Ben, Jon and John Fred worked the Cincinnati crowd into a rock and roll frenzy with “Cheaper to Drink Alone” “Burnin” and “Me and Mary Jane” “Blind Man” and so many more! Formed in Edmonton, Kentucky in 2001 Black Stone Cherry has been doing this to crowds for many years and from what I’ve seen their fans love them and their music! With two number one albums on Billboard’s Hard Rock Albums chart and multiple top 40 songs on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Songs chart the guys in Black Stone Cherry over the years are producing music that the fans are eating up! Last year’s top ten release ‘Family Tree’ is no exception, the album is full of great songs four of which were in the set list. Also in the setlist tonight are some incredible covers “Can’t You See” “Midnight Rider” “All Along the Watchtower” which Chris said had been requested on the groups Facebook Fan page (Cherry Heads) and “I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man” needless to say those at Bogart’s went nuts when they played each and every one of these tunes!

Near the end of the set was the drum solo. If you are a drummer fan I’d say you know who John Fred is but if this was your first time at a BSC show, man you were in for a treat! Wildman comes to mind but he’s more than that, he’s an animal behind the drums. Watching him is worth the price of admission, how he does all that he does and keeps time and sings on top of it is amazing to me. Closing out a great night with “Blame It on the Boom Boom” “White Trash Millionaire” and “Family Tree” a 20 song set that left the Ohio crowd wanting more!

This was my first trip to Bogart’s in probably 25 years, hopefully it won’t be that long before I make a return trip! A great venue that has hosted some of music most famous names over the decades, if you get a chance go see a show at Bogart’s!

Get out, go see a show. Support live music wherever you are. Your local venues and artists need your support. All three bands tonight started as a local act in a small venue and without local support they wouldn’t be where they are today.

Enjoy the photos!!