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Tyler Booth Returns To Kentucky And Performs To A Sold-out Crowd At 4th Street Live In Louisville!

Friday nights in Louisville just became a lot hotter! Fourth Street Live! has teamed up with 97.5 WAMZ to feature some of Kentucky’s quickly rising young stars right in the heart of the downtown area. On a very humid night, Wolfe Countian Tyler Booth took the stage to kick off their ongoing concert series. He had in tow, another Kentuckian that has grown on the Austin City Saloon stage alongside him in Josh Bogard.  

If you’re new to this site, welcome. If you’re not, then you’ve likely read an article on Tyler Booth. Either way, let’s hit the time machine and experience Friday nights show together. Shall we?

Kicking things off was Taylorsville, Kentucky native, Josh Bogard and his band The Dirty South. Josh plays straight-up outlaw country. He makes no apologies for it, and he’s damn good at it. His catalog of songs wears a blue-collar, draped in the stars and stripes while toasting ya with a good healthy shot of bourbon.

Blending his original songs with cover songs from the likes of Blackberry Smoke, Luke Combs and Jason Isbell made for an exciting set for those in attendance. Josh tossing out Isbell’s “Cover Me Up” was a very pleasant surprise.

While Josh is probably known best for his song “Cold Dead Hands,” he is a heckuva songwriter and possesses a warm vocal tone with just enough twang to justify his awesome hats. He rocks the Austin City Saloon stage in Lexington often, so if you like what you hear, seek out Josh and his music, I have a feeling you’re gonna like what ya hear!


Campton, Kentucky’s very own Tyler Booth was headlining the Friday night shindig. 97.5 WAMZ brought Tyler back to Kentucky and just like most of us in attendance, Tyler and his Asphalt Outlaws were thrilled to be enjoying live music. Especially with no masks or a required six feet between us all. I will say that there were still some limitations in place, such as a large distance between the sold-out tables that filled the center portion of the crowd. That created an understandable, yet sometimes distracting environment for the bands. Those restrictions will thankfully be completely gone soon, so crowd interaction will be much easier moving forward.

Tyler wasted no time in showing Louisville that he was there to have a good time though. Tyler and the boys were hitting on all 8 cylinders as they tore through “87 Octane” and put to rest early any notion that this was gonna be a laid-back Friday night!


One of Tyler’s more popular covers has always been “The Ride” by David Allen Coe. That one always lights a fire under folks feet and Friday night was no different. Louisville showed Tyler plenty of love and he and the reciprocated tenfold. The band sprinkled in a few covers throughout the night. “Ain’t Living Long Like This” originally by the one and only Waylon Jennings, “That Lonesome Song” from Jamey Johnson, and “My Kinda Party” from Jason Aldean. All four of those artists are acts that Tyler Booth often gets compared to stylistically. I don’t think you’ll ever see a Tyler Booth show without some Waylon Jennings being played for ya. Tyler’s best friend, is his pup that’s appropriately named Waylon. 



Tyler spoke a bit about how Brooks and Dunn really helped him launch his career by including him on their ‘ReBoot’ album. If you aren’t aware, Tyler sang with Kix Brooks on the reboot of their massive hit “Lost And Found.” As the band then began performing that one, several folks came filing out of the many bars along 4th Street and they never left after hearing that one. It was THE moment that I felt the crowd fully bought into Tyler and his set. From then on, it was a party!


The other songs on the 16 or so song setlist were all songs that Tyler has released, well minus one brand new song that I’ll talk a bit about in a few. I’ll break those songs down into three sections. The first section included “Long Comes A Girl”, “Half A Mind To Go Crazy”, and “Already Got One.” “Long Comes A Girl” was Tyler’s debut single from Sony. So that one was a definite crowd-pleaser, as was “Already Got One.” Those two songs are near the top of his streaming numbers and both will be set staples for quite some time.


Since we were enjoying ourselves in Louisville, I’m gonna call this next section the “Tyler Trifecta.” Tyler and his Asphalt Outlaws consecutively played my personal three favorites. First up was “If We Make It To Mexico.” I’ve been blessed to watch Tyler blossoming for a lot longer than most. The Booths are like family and I was involved early on with helping build Tyler tell his story. I remember the first time that Tyler’s Dad let me hear “If We Make It To Mexico.” I was floored, as it was the first song that I experienced hearing the upper end of Tyler’s vocal range. I was always a believer, but ANY doubts that I had about where Tyler’s career was headed were washed away immediately. That one will always be special to me.


In the second spot of the trifecta was “Palomino Princess.” This song is the one that showcased just how much of a prolific songwriter Tyler Booth can and will be. Lots of songs written in Nashville have co-writers and that’s just part of the game. A great vocal isn’t always a great songwriter. That’s just life, but with “Palomino Princess,” Tyler is the sole songwriter and is the perfect example of where he is headed. When I saw this song performed for the first time in Campton, I saw how quickly Tyler was progressing and if I’m honest, I knew this young fella was gonna be something special. “Palomino Princess” just may be my favorite Booth song to date. 


More in-depth info about Tyler Booth can be found here.

Rounding out the trifecta was “Beautiful Outlaw.” I really enjoy his current single, but I’ve gotta tell ya, this song is the sweet spot in Tyler’s vocal range. He outshined his studio cut on that one, and if he can continue to write songs that suit his vocal ability within this range, the sky is truly the limit. My favorite country artist of all time is Don Williams, and Tyler Booth shares an ability that Don Williams made his calling card. When he opens his mouth, the smoothness of his voice just releases so incredibly easy and natural. That is an ability that quickly separates the artists from the rest of the pack.

After performing “In God And Trucks We Trust,” Tyler busted out a new song for us. The song is titled “My Favorite Drink Is A Lot.” Now, it’s not like the world needs another drinking song, but in this instance, I think we’ll allow it! This song will be massive. It’s rock and roll with a twang that’s gonna be the soundtrack to every bonfire party out there for the foreseeable future. Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself!


Booth and the boys finished up the night with “Hank Crankin’ People.” For most Kentuckians, this is the song that put Tyler on their radars to begin with. The song was originally co-written and recorded by Josh Thompson, but I think it’s safe to say that Tyler’s voice is the perfect marriage person for this one. That long slow and low voice gets folks up on their feet and shakin’ their…well, you know. 

And that’s gonna do it. Another successful show that featured a native son returning to our great Commonwealth to share some love and music. Capture Kentucky, and myself, live for shows like this. Tyler Booth and his Asphalt Outlaws always have a home here on this site. Thanks for stopping by. See ya again real soon!

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