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Tyler Booth Launches His Nashville Career With Debut Single, “Long Comes A Girl”

I have had the good fortune of being involved with several artists over my lifetime. Many have “made it”, many more have not. None have matured faster or made greater strides than Wolfe County Kentucky’s Tyler Booth.

I met Tyler when he was around 10 years old. I knew his Dad, Jason Booth, as we both worked with bands and venues promoting our friends and in J’s case, family.

Stitch Rivet was a regional rock band that grew very popular in and around our region. Fronted by Tyler’s Uncle Gene, twin brother of Jason who managed the band, Stitch Rivet was the foundation of the artist that you hear now.

Tyler saw the struggles, the travels, the ups, the downs. He knew what a music career entailed long before most kids even started listening to music on a consistent basis.

At 10, Tyler was asked who his favorite bands were. Without missing a beat, Tyler quipped, “Stitch Rivet, Valrosa (The band I helped) and Black Label Society.” That’s the foundation that Tyler Booth is built on and that shows up most in his live shows nowadays.

From there, sports didn’t interest him, school was a task and he much preferred to be outside on a four-wheeler than a basketball court. Hobbies came and went, but there was always one constant, Tyler always came back to the guitar.

Now he’d tell you that he tried to make a go of a rock band, but found that his life most paralled country music and as you can hear, his voice definitely belongs right where he is at.

I’ve told the story about Tyler being so shy when he first started performing, so I’m just using that line to contrast just how far he has come. Tyler barely opened his eyes when performing, now he’s shared the stage with folks like Dwight Yoakam and Brantley Gilbert. And as I said, his performances are now more rock and roll than anything.

That growth and work with some of the best songwriters in Nashville, caught Nashville’s attention quickly. Very. Quickly. Now at only 22 years old, Tyler is launching his career with the big machine of Nashville behind him.

Now I can’t confirm what I’m about to type, but with a bit of of sleuthing, I spy Villa 40 LLC on Spotify as his label, well the first part of his label. A quick Google search turns up Villa 40 as an artist development owned by pop megastar Justin Timberlake.

Then comes this little nugget on Tyler’s new Facebook cover.

See that tiny writing at the bottom left? That says Sony Music.

Now I’m no mathematician here, but if I add some algebra in, it looks like Tyler is signed to Sony Records with Villa 40 being the imprint. I’m no Sherlock Holmes, but if that’s the case…Tyler is about to be a full-blown superstar!!

All that, leads us here. Two brand new songs. Tyler’s debut single “Long Comes A Girl” and “Where The Livin’ Is” dropped on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube, Amazon…wherever you look, it will be there.

With these two songs, you get a pretty good look at the direction that Tyler is headed.

“Where The Livin’ Is” is definitely built for success on the radio and this is where I usually bemoan about Nashville singing too much about pickups, drinking and old dirt roads. Those elements are present here, BUT Tyler truly has lived and still does live that life. And for the first time in a long time, I actually believe an artist that sings about all of those things.

“Long Comes A Girl” follows the path of the universal relatability of love. It’s a snapshot of how a relationship changes things. How love changes every plan you thought you had and you become a better person because of it.

With an undeniable hook to compliment Tyler’s baritone voice, “Long Comes A Girl” is a wonderful debut single. Tyler gets to showcase his voice and it soars high to new heights while being as smooth as a shot of 20 year Pappy Van Winkle.

He even gets to drop a line about Kentucky. “She’s got you falling like a star from the bluegrass sky”, ya already know we love it!

I think we’re witnessing the birth of yet another Kentucky artist that will have a very long and illustrious career in country music with “Long Comes A Girl.” This song is a hit and I think radio will fall head over hills in love with this young man.

That’s the real story here and I can not wait to see where this young man’s music takes him.

Welcome to the big time, TyBo! We love ya!!