The Local Honeys Deliver ‘The Gospel’ With A New Album On Appalshop Records

Today is a HUGE day for Kentucky music. With several artists dropping new music, it can get difficult to keep up. Having said that, I plead with you to not overlook The Local Honeys new album ‘The Gospel’.

All Kentucky music is important, but The Local Honeys are one of the most important Kentucky artists making music today. Not only do they help keep Appalachian music and Bluegrass music alive, they also honor it’s tradition. And you can not put a price on that my friends.’The Gospel’ is a collection of songs old and new.

The album is a journey that looks at all sides of religion. From the haunting “Old Regular Baptist” (Call and Repeat) version of “Amazing Grace”, to a look at how progress often clashes with older folks who honor tradition in “First Church Of God”, ‘The Gospel’ leaves no stone unturned.

Linda Jean Stokley and Montana Hobbs make up the Local Honeys, but with the music they create, you never know who will show up and jam on any given night.

The Honeys have delivered an exceptional body of work with ‘The Gospel’ and I have been eagerly awaiting this release on a personal level for some time.

If the Local Honeys are new to you, welcome to one of the best kept secrets that Kentucky has to offer. Highlights for me include “By The Waters Of The James” that fiddle…OMG!, “Plastic Jesus” has some beautiful flat-picking, “We Shall All Be Reunited” may be Linda Jean’s best vocal on the album, “Things In Life” showcases Montana’s banjo pickin and vocal range, and if you’re looking for a starting point, simply click the video below of “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven.” If there is one element of this instant classic that you enjoy, you owe it to yourself to take a deeper dive into The Local Honeys music.

Great job Ladies!!