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And They’re Off! Thunder Over Louisville Kicks Off Derby Festival!

If you’ve ever made it to Thunder Over Louisville, you’re well aware that it is very crowded most years. No way around it, 500,000 people take up a lot of real estate. If you’ve never been, you simply HAVE to enjoy your first one at Waterfront Park. But, if you’d like something different to occupy you during the day, while also providing a seat, clean restrooms, less crowded concessions and the ability to come and go between your seat amd Waterfront Park. The Louisville Bats provide the PERFECT addition to your day.

We purchased two seats down the right field line and had fantastic views of baseball, the air show and decent views of Thunder. Our suggestion is to hang out and watch baseball all afternoon, enjoy your food and beverages at Slugger Field, then head down to Waterfront about 7pm to finish off the air show and take in the full Thunder experience.

It’s a day full of fun for the entire family and one that is far less tiring than one spent fighting the crowds.

#ThunderAtSlugger is an experience that is uniquely Louisville and one that certainly helped us get in the Derby Spirit!

One word of warning, people will gouge you on parking. If you’re able to walk a good distance, save yourself some cash and walk a few blocks. Parking near Waterfront and Slugger Field was around $40 on average. Most spots are cash only as well, so go prepared with either comfy shoes or a bit of cash in reserve.

For more information about activities at Kentucky Derby Festival, head over to their site here.

Also, be sure and check out the Louisville Bats schedule here.

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