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Somebody Call 911! SIMO and Sour Cream Did Their Best To Burn Down The Burl

Sunday nights are usually my rest night for the week. Sometimes though, the music draws me away from my slumber. On this night, two bands drew me in. With the weather being bi-polar, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the threat of a little of the white stuff wasn’t gonna get in my way of seeing Mr. JD Simo and his band, aptly named SIMO.

First up, let’s talk about some local kids that will absolutely blow your mind. The kids in Sour Cream have music in their bones. As Black Stone Cherry put it, “It’s In My Blood”, that’s definitely the case for these 15-year old kids. A classic power trio, two of these young men are the Grandsons of The Kentucky Headhunters Greg Martin. Sherri McGee’s son, Harlan Cecil wields the ax, while Jon McGee’s son, also named Jon McGee, lays down the beats while Colby Grant holds the groove low and steady on the bass.

If you’ve been in and around the Lexington, KY music scene for a bit, you’ve likely run across band names like Itchy Brother, Black Cat Bone and the still active awesomeness of Taildragger. If not, look ’em up and thank us later. These bands are the lineage of Sour Cream. If there were titles, such as a Kentucky Rock ‘N’ Roll Prince, Harlan and Jon would be of that royalty.

Yes, they’re 15, no they aren’t perfect, BUT they’re light years ahead of most at their age. In time, these young men will be a force to reckon with. I have seen the future of rock ‘n’ roll in Lexington. Trust me, it’s in GREAT hands!

Sour Cream’s Harlan Cecil did share an interesting tidbit with me, it seems about five years or so ago, Harlan visited his Grandfather’s radio show in Bowling Green. Harlan had just begun his journey into playing guitar. Turns out Greg Martin had invited JD Simo up for the radio show that night. JD took the time to show Harlan how to properly bend a guitar string and from that moment on, he’s been hooked. How cool is that?!

Next up is a gentleman that I have had the privilege of following his career since back in 2014. JD Simo and his band SIMO made their way back to our Commonwealth and did all they could to burn The Burl to the ground. They performed many songs that we knew and loved, but as with most amazing musicians, it’s not necessarily so much about the songs as it is the performance.

JD cut his teeth playing any and every gig he could get his hands on in Nashville. He learned many styles along the way, but the blues were always in his heart. He followed his dream and eventually landed on Provogue Records, which is part of the Mascot Label Group.

Gone are the days of the wild hair and fringed leather jackets that I witnessed on that cold night in Whitesburg, KY. In their place, a polished musician wearing a suit jacket and spewing blues facts in-between blistering performances. JD has grown into an absolute force onstage. Half historian, half monster, JD and SIMO deliver a set that is meant to be experienced, not just seen or heard.

The passion, the precision, the knowledge, the voice…they’re simply unmatched. The only other bluesman that delivers on JD’s level, is Joe Bonamassa. If SIMO rolls into your town and you love guitars, make the effort. You’ll most certainly enjoy the payoff.