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Let Your Soul Shine. Gov’t Mule At The Mountain Arts Center Prestonsburg, Kentucky

What’s a good way to spend a Monday evening in Eastern Kentucky? Glad you asked! You hop in your vehicle (a pickup truck in my case) and make the beautiful drive along Highway 80 to the MAC in Prestonsburg for a night with Gov’t Mule.

It’s about an hour drive for me, but this time of year it’s an even more beautiful drive than normal, as the leaves are beginning to show what’s in store in the coming days. No opening act tonight, just straight into Gov’t Mule and you certainly didn’t hear one single complaint.

Gov’t Mule is made up of Warren Haynes, Matt Abts, Danny Louis and Jorgen Carlsson. I’m guessing that if you are reading this review you know who Gov’t Mule is, but for those that might not here’s a bit of history. Warren Haynes was in The Allman Brothers Band when he formed Gov’t Mule as a side project in 1994. In June of this year, they released their 10th studio album “Revolution Come…Revolution Go” and started touring in support of it soon after.

That brings us back to Monday night in Prestonsburg, KY! The MAC holds just over a thousand people and it was very close to full. All those folks were there for one reason and one reason only, to rock with Gov’t Mule! 

As soon as the first notes of “Hammer & Nails” started there were people dancing in the aisles and that continued throughout the show, as people were certainly enjoying the night. One thing that was also very evident was the exceptional ability of Warren Haynes on the guitar! His ability was on full display, tearing through “Inside Outside Woman Blues”, a personal favorite on the night. If you haven’t heard that song do yourself a favor and look it up, close your eyes and listen! You can thank me later.
For that matter lookup any of the songs listed below, you will not be sorry! I’ve mentioned before about the wonderful stage lights at the MAC and they are fantastic, but what Gov’t Mule used that night was incredible! It was an experience on a Monday night that won’t soon be forgotten! If you can ever catch a show at the Mountain Arts Center take it. Great venue and staff! Support Live Local Music!!

Set 1: Hammer & Nails, Rocking Horse, Banks Of The Deep End, I Believe To My Soul Steppin’, Lightly Inside Outside Woman Blues, Kind Of Bird with Les Brers, In A Minor

Set 2: Traveling Tune Revolution Come, Revolution, Go Captured, Just Got Paid, Fool’s Moon, Birth Of The Mule, Pressure Under Fire, Thorazine Shuffle

Encore: Soulshine, Tupelo Honey