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Five Finger Death Punch Brought The Pain To Rupp Arena With Three Days Grace, Bad Wolves, And Fire From The Gods

Five Finger Death Punch, Three Day Grace, Bad Wolves and Fire From The Gods descended upon Lexington, Kentucky’s Rupp Arena with one of 2019’s hottest hard rock tours.

The Austin,Texas-based opener Fire from the Gods kicked off the night with a strong set and got the crowd going. Not a stranger to the area, they performed here in 2018 with Sevendust at Manchester Music Hall and they made an appearance at Louisville’s Louder Than Life Festival.

Up next was Bad Wolves from Los Angeles, California….they did a good job of muscling the people up out of their seats with….”This is not a Justin Bieber concert…get up and show some respect!!” Following it up with “Open up the F*%king Pit!!” Despite their tendencies to incite the pit to get their crowd active…they are probably better known for their set closer…. A cover version of The Cranberries song “Zombie” which had the entire arena singing along.
“Home” and “The Good Life”…well I know who the girls, sitting in front of me are here to see….the Z-Rock staple Three Days Grace.

As with the previous band Bad Wolves, 3DG singer repeatedly sends out the call to arms for the Mosh Pit Army to assemble….well not tonight but the band and the crowd are on fire. With fists pumping in the air the crowd gets worked up more than ever with a call and response to their hit “I Hate Everything about You” and a little breakdown into a Seven Nation Army groove….oh, yeah!! Well how do you top that well….turn off all the lights in the arena and have the crowd light it up with their cell phones during “It’s Never Too Late.” Lots of energy in this set, closing it out with “RIOT” the singer runs out into the crowd for a quick meet and greet sing-a-long with the crowd.

Five Finger Death Punch hits the stage and hits it hard with “Lift Me Up”. The stage setup is very impressive…..a massive Skull and Crossed Baseball Bats hang over the stage with moving fire pods shooting out five streams of fire on either side of the drum riser…..that just screamed Rock or Metal….depending on which camp you come from. Well they know how to own the audience, that’s for sure… favorite comment was….”How many of you had to work this week?”… thought….tickets aren’t cheap so probably everyone….lol….followed by “How many of you hate your job?”….well….whether you hate your job or not….those words are like fuel to the fire at a concert like this…..”Well we are here to wash that sh*t away” shouts Ivan as they kick into my favorite FFDP song “Wash it All Away” and the crowd goes wild.

Speaking of Wild…cats that is….bassist and Lexington, KY native Chris Kael was sporting a UK Wildcats shirt and at one point in the show got the crowd to chant Cats…..Cats….Cats…to show his hometown support.

They did stop during the show for the band to sign an American Flag which made its way to one of the veterans in the crowd. That was a nice gesture, even though they defaced the flag in the process…and kick into their hit cover of the Bad Company song “Bad Company.” With an acoustic breakdown, more fire, an incredible light show and even more great music….it was a great show to be had by all.

All the bands were on point and it’s great to see that Rock’s not dead in Lexington, Kentucky…’s Alive and Kickin’ with FFDP and crew.