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Collective Soul, Our Lady Peace And Tonic Brought Their Traveling Rock n Roll Show To The Corbin Arena

Recently I made the trek back to the Corbin Arena for another night at a rock show. This time it was for a trio of bands that dominated the radio waves for several years. The tour included Collective Soul, Our Lady Peace and a band that I feel was heavily underrated in Tonic.

One thing I want to say about the Corbin Arena is that when they advertise a 7:30 start time that’s exactly what they mean. In addition to being a fantastic venue, it is seemingly a tight ran ship as well.

First up was the band Tonic. Tonic obviously had their hits, but it was always their storytelling that drew me in held my attention. So when they treated us to their track, “Mountain”, I was probably the happiest guy there. Their set also included tracks like “Open Your Eyes”, “Knock Down Walls”, and of course, “If You Could Only See”. A great set from a truly underrated band.

Our Lady Peace took the Corbin Arena stage next. Amidst a superb light show the band performed a blistering 10 song set. Wasting little time between songs, the band tore through their set that included “Superman’s Dead” “Paper Moon” “Drop Me in the Water” and they finished out with “Starseed”. I was actually better versed in their catalogue than I thought going into the night, as I caught myself singing a long quite often.

After a short break, Collective Soul took to the stage with very high energy and a barrage of hits that saw very few butts staying in their seats. People were ready and more than able to provide the backing vocals to the party on this night.

As Collective Soul tore into “Simple”, vocalist Ed Roland was clearly enjoying himself as he danced across the stage with his muc stand in tow, much to the delight of those in attendance.

The set was littered with crowd favorites like “Shine”, “Better Now”, “December”,“The World I Know” and “Gel”. They even worked “Right As Rain” a new song into the set. The night ended with “Run”, as members of Tonic and Our Lady Peace joined Collective Soul on stage for a jam session to put the exclamation point on a fantastic night of music.