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Is ‘Some Things Won’t Last’ The Best Release Of 2020 So Far? Lawrence County Native Adam Chaffins Throws His Hat In The Ring

I find myself repeating many talking points I've made for the talent that we're surrounded by here in Kentucky. That's truly a blessing, but a curse for a writer, albeit an unintentional redundant one. So anywho, I want to focus your attention on a Lawrence County native that now calls Nashville home. I think you're gonna enjoy this one, a LOT.

Meet Adam Chaffins. Some may remember Chaffins from his time with Bluegrass titans Town Mountain or maybe you remember his work with The Infamous Stringdusters. Maybe this is your first introduction. Whatever your situation is, meet your new favorite artist.

Chaffins newest release, 'Some Things Won't Last', is a collection of songs that stubbornly defies labels. There's jazz. There's rock. There's country. There's bluegrass. There's love songs. There's drinking songs. There's a cinematic feel. An ambience that is palpable. Boil all that down and what you'll find there is Adam Chaffins banging on his upright bass creating an atmosphere that is unique to each and every song. What you're left with, is an unskewed view of life that's equal parts truth and beauty.

The desire to hear more quickly becomes this tremendous out of control raging fire deep within your soul.

'Some Things Won't Last' is like discovering your favorite book as a child. How each chapter brings joy, heartache, hope, laughter, fear and every other conceivable emotion.

Here is an example, do you remember the kid that reads the book in the movie "The Neverending Story"? How the story of Atreyu compelled Bastian to keep reading? You are sucked in just like that with Chaffins latest work of art.

I'll be 100% honest here, my words aren't necessary once you hit play, but your pursuit of this incredible album is.

My initial response to Adam personally, really sums it all up rather tidy and succinct way..."That's one helluva ride!!"

Listen, I truly enjoy every song equally, but if you need a starting point, start with "Her" below.

Then once Adam sets the hook in ya, give "Doorway" a listen.

You've likely bought the album by this point, it hits stores on 2/21 btw, but here's "I'm Over You" for good measure.