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Whiskey Soldier To Host Showcase at Tidball’s Sounds and Spirits

On November 14th Whiskey Soldier will gather a collective of musicians to Bowling Green, Kentucky’s premier music venue, Tidball’s Sounds and Spirits. The venue has been a focal point of the southern Kentucky music scene that’s featured a whole slew of artists over the past decade. From local favorites The Josephines and Dan Luke and The Raid, to nationally recognized Cage The Elephant and Moon Taxi, Tidball’s presents high quality music for all of their patrons. Joining those previously mentioned artists will be Cody Lee Meece, Josh Thurman, Highway Natives, and Drew Michael Blake and the Belfry.

Cody Lee Meece is a singer/songwriter from Somerset, Kentucky. He delivers a style driven by honesty and vulnerability. With an assortment of songs telling tales of longing and loneliness, Meece pours his soul into the blues. Though he has no officially released music, you can find some of his songs on SomerSessions, a channel dedicated to regional music from Southern Kentucky. They’ve featured exceptional artists such as Tyler Childers and Arlo Mckinley, so Meece is in great company. Check out his featured song “Feel So Lonesome” for an exhibition of his storied songwriting.

Josh Thurman is a singer/songwriter from Franklin, Kentucky. Thurman’s the sole performer who has been featured previously at Tidball’s as part of his band Ax and the Oak. You can find him there as the guitarist, vocalist, and main songwriter. They deliver their own version of rock ‘n roll and Americana. Thurman’s deep, boisterous voice can be heard throughout their debut self-titled EP. Handcrafted and handwritten, he sings songs about the roads of life. Listen to his band’s song “Games We Chose” for a sample of the strength in his voice.

Highway Natives is an Americana folk-rock duo based out of Nashville, Tennessee. They’ve got just a single song online at the moment, “Bad News”, but I’m sure they’ve got more in their arsenal. They’re currently in the process of recording their debut. The soulful back and forth between the two singers is just one thing to look forward to seeing. Don’t miss out on the chance for a first taste at what’s to come.

Drew Michael Blake and The Belfry is a man and his band based out of Nashville, Tennessee. They merge elements of old school rock and roll with different parts of folk and pop. Latest single “Man of Her Dreams” opens with a riff that sounds straight out of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s catalogue, but then it quickly transforms into something akin to Tom Petty. “You’re the One” sounds like an 80’s pop rock hit. It’s difficult to put a pin on a specific genre that Blake resides in, but it’s the mix of it all that you should look out for. He opens the show on November 14th so be sure to come out early.

So there you have it: four artists set out to make their imprint in the musical world. Doors open at Tidball’s at 9:00pm with the show starting at 9:30pm. Don’t miss out on your chance to get in early on these great up-and-coming acts.