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Friday’s Forgotten Gems: Kevin Welch

Music is a way of life here at Capture Kentucky. We love, live it and do our best to share it. While doing that, we’re often reminded of great songs, albums and artists that may or may not have had the success that we felt they deserved. It’s a series we’re calling “Friday’s Forgotten Gems!”

This week we have a listen to a song from Kevin Welch. Kevin had a decent run in Country music as he charted five songs, released eight albums and has continued to tour, although there are no current dates listed in 2019. Welch’s most successful song at radio was “Till I See You Again“, but the forgotten gem in this article is “True, True Love Never Dies.”

With an upbeat vibe, strong harmonies, a true Telecaster riff and a story we can all relate to, Welch hit this one out of the park from my perspective!

We hope you enjoy what we do here at Capture Kentucky. We do our best to shed a positive light on Kentucky and her people.

If you have a song that you’d like to suggest we take a look at, feel free to post it in a comment below!

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