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Josh Brown & The Hard Livin’ Legends Brought “Thunder and Lightning”, Charlie Woods and Deep Hollow, And Brock Thompson To The Paramount Arts Center in Ashland

They say that Friday nights are made for fighting, but on this Friday night, there were 3 bands playing at The Paramount in Ashland, KY for all to enjoy. Josh Brown & The Hard Livin’ Legends were celebrating the release of their brand new album, “Thunder And Lightning”. The perfect title for an album full of songs about the storms of life.

First up, was Brock Thompson! He started off strong with his own tunes, but when he threw in a few cover songs, like ‘Feathered Indians’ by Tyler Childers and then ‘Rodeo’ by Garth Brooks, that’s when the crowd was ready to part. Brock even gave us a listen to a new song he had been working on. His energy on the stage was electrifying! This young man loves what he’s doing and will do his best to make you love it as well. Huntington can claim a good one in Brock Thompson!

Next up were Charlie Woods and Deep Hollow, a bluegrass band that knew exactly how to keep my attention! The band and the songs were exceptionally put together, these guys have spent plenty of time in the woodshed polishing what we heard on Friday night. I was a bit skeptical at first if I’m honest, but their version of Kings of Leon’s ‘Sex on Fire’ was incredible and I quickly became a fan. Such a great set from an extremely talented band. They know how to get the crowd going and they ain’t afraid to have a good time. You’ve been warned!

The crowd had been up to that point. Very supportive and engaging, but for Josh Brown & The Hard Livin’ Legends, the Paramount crowd took things to a whole new level. Celebrating the release of their new album “Thunder and Lightning” Brown and band brought their A-game and Ashland didn’t know what hit them. EVERYONE was cheering as Josh and the boys came out to party making sure everyone in attendance had a good time. You can betcha bottom dollar that I enjoyed it!

Their set was chock full of new songs. They delivered the goods as they kicked off the night with “Kentucky Ways”, which is one of my personal favorites. JB and the Boys played my favorite song next, “My Favorite Season.”

“Garden Of Eden” and “Longnecks” were both amazing to hear live.

I think seeing an artist perform is the closest you will get to understanding the songs’ meanings. You can read an artist’s face and subliminally know where the pain lies and those two really stood out on Friday. Jonathan had mentioned to me how much he enjoyed “Snake Den”, so I waited patiently to hear it and man, oh man what a song!

The crowd was dancing throughout while the band was drinking, and dropping the “Thunder And Lightning” on ’em. The energy was really special that night and there were smiles all around! If the Paramount continues to support local music like this, we’ve just gained another wonderful venue to show our love and support. I’ve been to a lot of concerts, but this one actually felt like I was at a concert with a room full of friends just having the time of our lives!

I’ll leave you with you with one last song. If you enjoy honesty in your music, you’re gonna love “What That Man Has Done To Me.”

To wrap this up, I’ve only got one thing to say, if you get the chance to listen to Josh Brown & The Hard Livin’ Legends, do it. But if you get the opportunity to see them live, you won’t be disappointed, buy the ticket and take the ride. It’ll be a night you’ll remember for a very long time!