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Friday’s Forgotten Gems: Dwight Yoakam

Music is a way of life here at Capture Kentucky. We love, live it and do our best to share it. While doing that, we’re often reminded of great songs, albums and artists that may or may not have had the success that we felt they deserved. It’s a series we’re calling “Friday’s Forgotten Gems!”

This edition we revisit Kentucky legend Dwight Yoakam’s catalogue. Dwight has been on my mind the last few days since Campton, Kentucky’s Tyler Booth announced that he will be playing a few shows as an opener for Dwight.

Dwight has a ton of amazing songs to choose from, but one in particular, is my first choice whenever the mood for Dwight hits. It’s not his most popular, but I find the track “Two Doors Down” to be the perfect example of how a sad song should sound by Mr. Yoakam. Slow paced, minimalistic, great harmonies, sorrowful and haunting delivery with flawless execution. What more could you ever ask for?

I’d put this one in my “drinking songs” hall of fame. Enjoy!!