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Country Music Legend Kris Kristofferson Visits The Kentucky Theater In Support Of Kentucky’s Legend Harry Dean Stanton

Lexington, Kentucky – Country music and Hollywood legend, Kris Kristofferson recently paid a visit to our beloved Kentucky Theatre. Mr. Kristofferson was a guest at a fundraiser for the Harry Dean Stanton Film Festival. He spoke a few words before the large crowd and introduced the film in which he himself starred in, alongside Kentucky’s own Harry Dean Stanton, James Coburn and perhaps the world’s most prolific songwriter, Bob Dylan.

Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid‘ was a western released in 1973, but not without controversy. Director Sam Peckinpah had issues with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and after completion, the film was taken away from Mr. Peckinpah. The result was a version far from the director’s vision which ultimately led to many cast and crew members separating themselves from the final product.

Thankfully though, Mr. Peckinpah’s preview version was re-released on video in 1988 and many have since hailed ‘Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid‘ as an unfortunate mishandled classic.

‘Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid’ Trailer:

The Harry Dean Stanton Film Festival was established in 2011. The annual event centers around the films of Harry Dean Stanton. Celebrating his Kentucky roots, as well as the many unique characters that our own Hollywood Legend has brought to life.

Harry Dean Stanton was born in Irvine, Kentucky in 1926. He graduated from LaFayette High School in Lexington. He then studied at the University of Kentucky, before heading to Pasadena, California to study at the Pasadena Playhouse. He is also veteran of the U.S. Army serving during World War II.

From there, Harry Dean Stanton has been involved in some truly iconic films. Films such as ‘Cool Hand Luke‘, ‘The Godfather Part II‘, ‘Escape From New York‘, ‘The Green Mile‘, ‘Alien‘, ‘Christine‘, ‘Pretty In Pink‘ and even a small role in the epic ‘How The West Was Won‘.

Mr. Stanton is a truly unique treasure and the film festival intends to shine a light on his long and illustrious career. If you would like to donate to or attend the Harry Dean Stanton Film Festival, you can find more information at their website, here.