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ALBUM REVIEW: Sydney Adams Unleashes Her Debut EP ‘Always Home To Me’

There’s no better feeling than being contacted about an artist and the music is so good it makes ya cuss and that just happened. So here goes, hot damn do I have an artist for you today!

Meet Sydney Adams. Sydney calls Corbin, Kentucky home and in time, she may make Corbin famous for way more than those eleven secret herbs and spices. She’s a young lady that is proud of her twang and she ain’t afraid of a steel guitar! If that doesn’t make ya wanna listen, then we really need to plan an intervention on behalf of your musical tastes, but I digress, back to the task at hand!

On July 12th, Sydney Adams is releasing, scratch that…unleashing her incredible debut EP titled, ‘Always Home To Me.’ We’re gonna give you some insight into what to expect, but as with any artist we feature, dig in a little deeper. Kentucky is a very special place right now and there are many folks out there that deserve a closer look and Sydney is definitely a the top of that list.

‘Always Home To Me’ is a collection of five original songs from Sydney. She recorded these songs just across the state line in Jellico, Tennessee at Gem City Studios with Producer Matt McQueen. Sydney was joined in the studio by Smith Curry, Ross Holmes, and Dustin Lambdin. Dustin is also credited as a writing partner on the EP.

Of the five songs, three are very mature for this 22-year-old, one is an ode to being a Kentuckian and the last is a feisty, yet friendly middle finger to the haters out there. Each song is unique in its own right and together they give a great peek into what kind of artist Sydney can be.

Let’s start with the feisty side as an appetizer. We’ve all encountered haters, doubters, neigh sayers and just miserable people in life. “I Don’t Care” sets the table for those with disparaging words to fall into her perfectly set trap. As the title aptly says “I Don’t Care” and in this business that’s a wonderful trait to possess. The song is a fun little romp with lots of banjo and sass. Think Miranda Lambert, but way classier. That’ll get ya close.

Now let’s discuss the winning trifecta here. The meat and potatoes or the main course of this wonderful meal. “Bringing Her Memory Home”, “Long Way To Memphis” and “Half Empty.” These three songs could be on the radio right now and in all honesty, each would have a great shot at being a hit.

“Bringing Her Memory Home” harkens back to the spirit of Patsy Cline and will evoke inevitable comparisons to Loretta Lynn. Which should certainly suffice any avid lover of real country music. The story documents the struggles of a relationship when your partner can’t let go of their past. I personally feel that this song is the perfect example of who Sydney is as an artist. Plus, she references “Diggin’ Up Bones”, which is my favorite Randy Travis song!

“Long Way To Memphis” has hit written all over it. The delivery, the harmonies, the production, the mood, the lyrics, every single aspect is perfect and that is why “Long Way To Memphis” is one of my favorite tracks. You’ll have this on repeat for a bit, I know I sure have.

“Half Empty” is a cry in your beer song and it’s perfect. In fact, I’m going to have to say it’s my favorite song on the EP. I spoke about Sydney’s maturity before, this song is the best example of that. Check out these opening lines:

Maybe The Burning Of This Whiskey
Will Stop The Hurtin’ On My Heart
How Could I Have Been So Blind
Now I Need To Ease My Mind
I’ll Start With A Sip Or Two
I Know What It’s Gonna Do
Your Memory Has Haunted Me
Ever Since You Left
My Bottle’s Half Empty
Guess I’ll Drink The Rest

That’s about as old school country as it gets and I love it!!

The last song standing is “Always Home To Me.” This one is the dessert and it has a big ole cherry on top! It’s a song about Sydney’s time away from Kentucky and how she longed to come back. An ode to being a Kentuckian. We’ll call it her version of the stylings of John Denver’s “Country Roads.” This one is the song that will make her a favorite here in the Bluegrass state. I can already hear her being asked to perform it at events like UK Football and basketball games. Plenty of banjo, fiddle, foot-stomping, and absolutely addicting melodies. This young lady ain’t foolin’ around folks.

Do yourself a favor, on July 12th, pick up your copy or stream the album on your favorite streaming service. But whatever you do, DO NOT sleep on this EP.

As always, support the artists or lose the art. Love y’all!!