The 8th Annual Memorial Ride To Benefit The Thompson-Hood Veteran Center In Wilmore, KY

Recently, I was invited to participate in the 8th Annual Memorial Motorcycle Ride, which was hosted by Second Brigade MC Chapter H, KY. It’s something that I had never been involved with and a great friend, Heather Jent and her Husband Roy, asked me if I’d like to ride along and capture the essence of what the ride was all about. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t know what or how I was going to capture something that I had never experienced, but when a friend invites you, you do it. No questions asked. So, we set off to Don Pedro’s Mexican Restaurant in Lawrenceburg to begin the day.

After meeting those in charge and grabbing a quick delicious bite, I climbed into the bed of a pickup truck, camera in-tow and away we rolled. First off, shooting from a truck is much more challenging than one would think. You obviously feel every bump while trying to keep your eye and lens on other moving objects. TOTALLY worth it though. The shots we got were awesome. See for yourself below!

The first stop we were able to take in was called the Healing Fields in Lawrenceburg, KY. The leaders spoke briefly at each stop. Delivering a bit of history as to the what and why’s of why the monuments were there. Mentioning those that they knew and taking a moment to take in the beauty of the site and grab the group photo below.

On the way to our next stop, we jumped ahead a bit so I could take photos of the members as they descending down a winding road that eventually led us into Versailles and Frankfort. Thirty or so motorcycles riding together down a winding hill sounds FANTASTIC, but it also comes at you very quickly. Thankfully, I was able to photograph the majority of the riders as you can see below.

Our last stop with the riders, came in Frankfort. As the ride stopped at the Sundial, which is the Vietnam Memorial. It was quite interesting to hear the story of how the sundial lands on each fallen soldiers name on the date and time that the soldier was taken from us. It was a beautiful memorial, one that I had visited before, but never knew the full story of.

We parted ways in Frankfort, but the ride continued on to the Frankfort Cemetery where they viewed the Kentucky War Memorial or what is often referred to as the Mound Memorial. Their last stop was at the National Guard Memorial. As you can see by the photos, the weather could not have been more beautiful, the riders more friendly or the cause any greater.

All proceeds collected from the ride will benefit the Thompson-Hood Veteran Center in Wilmore, KY. The money will be used to buy supplies for the veterans at the center. If you are interested, on July 22nd the supplies will be delivered by Chapter H and anyone that wants to join them. The riders will spend a couple of hours with the veterans there and continue to spread their cause. Showing respect, honor and love to those who have paid such a great price for our freedoms.

I would like to extend a thank you to all the riders involved. It was a cause that I was totally unaware of, but am so thankful to have been a part of. As I always say, Kentucky is an amazing place to live and visit, but it’s her people that make it worth staying. Now go thank a veteran. You don’t need a day or a reason, just do it. They deserve it. God Bless our Troops and those that defend us!