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Who Is The Next Star From Kentucky?

I want to tell you folks a little story.

About 10 years or so ago, there was a show in Campton, Kentucky. Campton’s pride at the time was Stitch Rivet. Also on the bill were Lexington’s Valrosa and Florida’s Stereoside.

That show was important for a whole slew of reasons, but I want to tell a story about a young man that rocked out as hard as anyone that day. This young man absolutely loved Stitch Rivet and Valrosa. He was front and center for most of the show. Just so happens, this young man’s Uncle was part of Stitch Rivet. Gene Booth was the voice of Stitch Rivet and the band was managed by Jason Booth. The young man? Tyler Booth.

*Photo Courtesy Of Facebook*

As you can see this young man was and is a rock and roller at heart. As he’s grown into his voice, Tyler took a little time to understand that his talents were best suited to Country. Not modern Country, not classic Country, but Tyler Booth Country.

Tyler Booth – “Hank Crankin’ People”

I’ve known the Booth’s for a long period of time, but I want to share with you why I think Tyler Booth will soon be a household name.

Tyler was a young man that saw the hard work and dedication it took to make Stitch Rivet who they were. He was there at the late night practices. The band getting home at 3 or 4 in the morning. Not only did he see all of that, he learned at an early age that you just have to be you. Nothing more. Nothing less.

About 18 months ago, I was able to see one of Tyler’s first shows at Austin City Saloon. Tyler was sound vocally, but he was a nervous wreck. He kept his eyes closed most of the songs and he worried way more about messing up than playing and enjoying himself.

Now, why would I say that? I’ll tell you why, Tyler has transformed from a scared to death young man with a big voice into an artist that is quickly becoming the buzz on Nashville’s Music Row.

Tyler Booth – “If We Make It To Mexico”

Tyler and his Dad made the decision to set aside college for a bit and shift Tyler’s focus onto giving his all at becoming a full-time musician. Since that first show, Tyler has grown immensely. He has written a ton of songs. Some on his own, some he has co-written with some of the most prolific songwriters that Nashville has to offer.

Tyler’s transformation has been inspiring and as he begins to realize his potential, it grows with every performance. While his confidence is high, his humility will always outweigh the confidence that usually gives way to arrogance. Tyler is a quiet, polite and humble young man. He listens to folks and takes things to heart, sometimes even too personally. He is a true Kentuckian and we here at Capture Kentucky will always be some of his biggest supporters.

Tyler Booth – “Surrender”

Over the last few months, Tyler has been in the studio and spending way more time in Nashville than home. His transformation has been nothing short of a miracle. As a photographer, I want to cheat a bit on this article. I have chosen a few photos that I’ve taken along Tyler’s journey to illustrate his growth. Be sure you notice his expressions, his focus and how his intensity has developed.

Now you may be wondering where you can catch Tyler on tour, honestly he has very few shows scheduled as he continues to finish his album. But, he is a part of something very unique and has the potential to become an annual tradition.

Whiskey Soldier has partnered with many Kentucky businesses to create the #KentuckyTakeover. Marathon Music Works in Nashville will host Tyler, Senora May, Jericho Woods, Dustin Collins, Marlana Vanhoose, Timmy Dunn, Everette, Jason Sinkhorn, as well as James Sayne & The Shoeshine Boys. The date is 3/15 and takes place during the SEC Tournament.

I for one was very happy that this show worked out the way it did. Tyler was able to move some stuff around a bit and fit this one into his schedule. As this thing grows alongside Tyler’s career, people will be kicking themselves if they miss this one. So don’t be one of those folks and join us for a night full of Kentucky Pride.

Pick up your tickets here.

There are a number of rumors floating around Kentucky about Tyler Booth. I can’t help in solidifying those, but the fact that Tyler has a song on the upcoming Brooks & Dunn album, I would venture to say that some of those rumors have to be based in fact.

Regardless, Tyler Booth is becoming an artist right under most folks noses. So don’t sleep on this young man, jump on his train early because I feel like he’s about to take us all on a long and wonderful trip.