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Trans-Siberian Orchestra Rocks Rupp For The 21st Time!

As you walked into the fog-filled arena with the large hourglasses lighting up the stage, you knew you were in for a very special show. December 5th, 2019 was Trans Siberian Orchestra’s 21st performance in Lexington KY.

Over 10,000 people showed up to enjoy “Christmas Eve and Other Stories.” The show began at an “Old City Bar.” Not what you would expect for a Christmas performance, but audience members were quickly transported through numerous tales of Christmas and Hope. Just like the hope provided to the Kentucky Children’s Hospital with the $7,765.00 donated by TSO.

Several members of Lexington’s own orchestras were invited to participate with the band, something that is a tradition with every performance. The second half of the performance included some new material as well as a huge stage prop that had electricity arcing over the heads of audience members, amazingly synced with the music.

Trans Siberian Orchestra does not disappoint and each show has something to enjoyed by all ages, every show, every year.