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Getting To Know Louisville’s Next Attempt. They Are Bringing Punk Back In A Big Way!

I was shoveling my face with one of Frank’s Deli ‘s behemoth turkey sandwiches, trying to figure out how I was going to fill a two-hour gap between classes when I decided to send a message to an artist friend of mine, see what was going on in the local art scene. Between shows, she said she was working on album art for a local Pop Punk Group. My interest was piqued, so I inquired further.

The group was called Next Attempt and they have been logging the hours on the local scene, produced a quality EP and have something of a following in Louisville. I typed in their name on iTunes to sample their music and after listening to their EP, Just Between Us, and after merely killing time in a deli parking lot at three-thirty in the afternoon, I found the next band I wanted to interview for Capture Kentucky. There was youthful energy to their music, a coming of age vibe, as it were. The cover to the EP was of two students passing something in class while the teacher’s back was turned. (more…)

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