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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Rhyan Sinclair Debuts Her Latest Single And Video, ‘Where I’ll Be Found’

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. We’ve got a special treat for you today. We have an exclusive song AND video premiere from one of our favorite Kentucky artists. The one, the only, Rhyan Sinclair!

Rhyan is a young lady with more talent in her pinky than I’ll ever possess, so I’m going to let her music do most of the talking on this one. I will add this though, Rhyan Sinclair is wise beyond her years and her songwriting ability continues to blossom with every single song. So today we’re honored to premiere her brand new song and video for ‘Where I’ll Be Found.'”Where I’ll Be Found” is included on her brand new album, ‘Letters To Aliens.’ That will drop on March 4th for everyone, but you can pre-order, or pre-save it now at this link.

Before we get to it, Rhyan had this to say about ‘Where I’ll Be Found.’ “I wrote ‘Where I’ll Be Found’ during the height of the pandemic when I was reflecting on memories of places and people I missed. I was searching for a unifying thread in that isolating and divisive time. I was also strongly inspired by loved ones who have passed on, and the song is as much written from their perspective, as it is mine. I’ve learned to stay connected to them by the different things they’ve left behind, emotionally and physically.” She continued, “The lyrics came to me very organically, and they were just the uplifting, comforting message that I needed. I hope the song can provide that same comfort for others.”

I’d say mission accomplished!

You may remember Rhyan from our Cinder & Smoke Fest back in 2019.

When asked about the video for ‘Where I’ll Be Found,” Sinclair said, “The live portion of the video was shot on a soundstage on a nearby college campus, but the traveling footage is all straight from my phone, from adventures on the road. This video was a fun collaboration of our old team who used to produce BalconyTV Kentucky. Wes Kawaja ran the camera with my dad assisting, my mom produced, and I edited it. Video editing is a passion of mine. It was so fun to look back on these memories and really work to craft something that ended up looking so similar to the memories flashing through my mind when I wrote the song. Fun fact…you can spot my dogs, Buddy and Daphne Moon in the video!”

Without further ado, enjoy Rhyan Sinclair’s video for ‘Where I’ll Be Found!’


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