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Eric Bolander Rides ‘The Wind’ Into The Burl To Celebrate His New Album

Eric Bolander is a name that pops up quite a bit around these parts and there’s a good reason for that, Eric is a total badass. So when he invited me to cover his release party, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

As the release date for his new album approached, I was given the opportunity to do an exclusive premiere of ‘The Wind.’ You can check that out here.

For me, as a Kentuckian, the opportunity to premiere songs and albums that folks like Eric put together is the ultimate honor for what we’re trying to do here at Capture Kentucky. Why? Because music is the blood, sweat, tears, hopes, dreams and dedication that have taken a lifetime to write. Songs are like children to an artist, so as I said, it’s the ultimate honor.

The Burl is the hub of live music in Lexington. It is the closest thing we’ve had that compares to the Dame, since it was forced to close years ago. Now there are many great venues here, but the Burl is special.

With its intimate setting and stained glass fixture shining like a halo above performers, The Burl is our own little version of a Kentuckified “Mother Church.” Shows there are often spoken of as religious experiences and I was fully prepared to walk into one of those performances last night.

Also, I can’t be the only that feels that they’re about to step into an episode of Stranger Things when you’re approaching the Burl Arcade. Right? Lol

Due to work, I wasn’t able to get to the Burl in time for Derek Spencer, who opened the show at 8. My apologies to Derek, but I’ll catch up with him sooner or later.

Cincinnati’s Young Heirlooms were up next and I was truly disappointed to miss the majority of their set. If Alison Krauss, Shovels and Rope and Nickel Creek were to somehow make a magical mystical baby that was blessed with the harmonies of the Everly Brothers, it would sound a ]helluva lot like Young Heirlooms. The two songs that I did catch were absolute perfection and they are definitely high on my list to see again.

Check ’em out for yourselves!

Next came the man, the myth, the legend, the one and only Laid Back Country Picker (LBCP). Ole Laid Back has a simple mantra he lives by. He just wants to play some good country music, but most importantly, he just wants to treat everybody right.

Armed with only a Frankensteined Telecaster with a David Bowie sticker, green tinted glasses and a cowboy hat, Laid Back raised the spirits at the Burl. Literally and figuratively.

Let’s do some math real quick. A LBCP show is 80% good country music and 20% comedy. That’s the LBCP recipe. No eleven herbs or spices here, but it does all add up to 100% of treating people right.

Songs like “Truck Stop Sam”, “Party Line,” “David Bowie,” “Kathy With An Eight Ball”, a wonderful rendition of “Godzilla,” and of course “Magoffin County Cadillac” are always a pure delight, as it is whenever you’re in the same room as the Laid Back Country Picker and his Honey. I mean, who else could make Loverboy sound cool?!

Next up was the man that brought us all together, Mr. Eric Bolander. If you’re not familiar with Eric, let’s fix that problem, shall we? Eric is a very unique artist, I won’t say eclectic, but Eric finds ways to add atmospheric layers with unconventional instruments. On this night, he was armed with a full band and a special guest, in Matthew Polashek on the saxophone.

Now let me expand upon the full band aspect for a bit. Most folks think of a couple of guitars, a bass and a drum kit. Eric’s version happens to be a cello, a banjo, a drum kit and the aforementioned saxophone.

See, I told ya he was a unique artist.

Eric’s set was absolutely stunning and when Seth Murphy broke into a cello solo during “Oh Lord,” I nearly jumped out of my shoes. The power and emotion while bringing the chaos of the struggles to a climax were moments that I’ll keep forever.

While the crowd was a little light due to Kentucky playing basketball and two national artists, Brent Cobb and Colt Ford performing in town, those that were there were treated to a wonderful night of music from top to bottom.

Eric performed many of my personal favorites. Songs like “Fly”, “Maybe I”, and the title track in “The Wind.”

Mr. David Prince (Aka. LBCP) joined Eric for a wonderful and powerful rendition of Bill Withers “Ain’t No Sunshine,” and by the time Eric busted out his reworked version of the Prince classic “Purple Rain,” people were filling their spirits and the party was definitely on!

We had a blast and you may see Mr. Bolander pop up on a Capture Kentucky show in the near future. Hope you enjoy the photos below!