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Chico: A Documentary Short Film. Playing Good Country Music And Treating Everybody Right.

We have all heard tales of these larger than life characters. Most were from old neighborhoods or they were born out of a crime and even sometimes, they were within our own families. Here in Kentucky, you have stories that range from Daniel Boone to Bad Tom Smith to Floyd Collins. While most legends usually wind up being more fiction than fact, filmmakers Zach Curry and Joe Whalen sought to document a current legend living within our midst and they give you an insiders look at the evolution of Mr. David Prince.

Black Stone Cherry – “The Ghost Of Floyd Collins”:

You may know him as Chico, David, Laid Back Country Picker or even Morton. There really is no wrong answer, but whatever you know him by, it’s guaranteed that you will immediately be drawn to David Prince and his larger than life persona. As folks like to say, he simply puts off such positive energy that the universe simply won’t allow you to not enjoy David Prince. Zach Curry and Joe Whalen present us with the backstory of how the “Laid Back Country Picker” was born, but more importantly, they show us all that the easiest way to be cool in this world, is to just be yourself.

Laid Back Country Picker – “Magoffin County Cadillac”:

The young, aspiring filmmakers allow David to tell his own story, in his own words. No filter, no bull, just the facts. If you don’t know David Prince or his music, enjoy “Magoffin County Cadillac” and “Party Line”. If you do know Mr. Prince, make your way to see this short film documentary. If you catch it at a local screening, there’s a great chance that ole Laid Back will be there to play some good country music, and we all know that he’ll be treating everybody right.

Kudos for Chico! A really fun and educational snapshot of our very own living legend!

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Laid Back Country Picker – “Party Line”:

“Laid Back Makes A Deal”: